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and I know - - I'm not alone...

The Weekend Wrap-Up...

bah. I don't care at the moment.

First off? I'm bored. There are next to nothing in the way of shows this week.
Morning Theft tomorrow night, and I'm not seeing a whole lot else. I'm trying to determine whether or not I should take Friday off from work to extend our "Shag" weekend with Laura at Dewey Beach. I'm thinking I might... I'm thinking I could really use this mini-break.

The bond between girlfriends can be a tremendous thing, something to propel you through disappointments with men, arguments with your family, any kind of angst in general... I think it's harder to find that kind of bond past your educational years, but it can happen, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when it does. Having said that, there is nothing on earth like the bond you share with the girlfriends you've had since , well nearly forever. There is nothing on the planet that I couldn't share with them, that I couldn't talk about with them. We can sit and talk for hours about anything at all from inane observations to the emotional depths of our existence. It has been so amazing to watch them grow up, to have grown with them... we know exactly what the others have been through - we were there for the formative experiences, know why we are the way we are; what things about each other have always been, and what things have evolved. We know each other's greatest strengths, but better yet we forgive each other our greatest weaknesses... as it is in knowing our faults that we thrive. We accept ALL of each other, you take the good with the bad - it's the basis of any true friendship. You recognize what limitations you are presented with, and you work around them. These are girls whom I told my first secrets too, and who've kept them for 20 years; the women who can read my face in a heartbeat, who make me laugh at my worst, celebrate my joy as if it were their own, and hold me when I'm too weak to cry any longer. Even as our lives wind on in their own directions, when I stop to think about it, I am overcome with the notion of how lucky I am to have this... this rare gift of life long friendship. So here's to my girls... and to time I know will be well spent.

Speaking of friends... I've had a rash of white knights lately, which I can't help but find amusing. I'm seriously not "in distress" here folks, but I am flattered by the concern. I never imagined that I'd inspire a protective streak in anyone, at least not these days. There was a time when I wasn't quite as hardened when I could see how I might have projected a more vulnerable version of myself... but perhaps here, on my more introspective days I do the same? I mean, most of you are well acquainted with my Fairytale-Complex... and while I'm all too aware that I may still be searching for my prince, does that necessarily mean that I'm crying out to be saved? I'd like to think that I'm a little more self-sufficient than that... but perhaps in calling attention to my own tiny dramas (like kabuki for mice) I'm really just posturing to be rescued? hmmn. thoughts to ponder. In the meantime if somebody wants to hook me up with some magic beans or a kick ass pair of glass slippers, I'm all ears!