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Shine your heavenly body tonight...

Okay, time to let my inner geek out...

let's play a little game of picture / word association!
look at the following pictures & tell me what your first thoughts are...

(picture per Jed)

If you said, "Deathstar" then we're on the same wavelength, if you didn't you may want to skip down a bit... Now it may amaze you to learn that this is, in fact, a picture of an ACTUAL moon of Saturn called, "Mimas" taken by the Cassini probe. Or at least that's what NASA is telling us... Take a look at this and tell me there's not someone out there who managed to construct a mobile space station with a super laser composed of eight individual beams that merge to form one giant ray of destruction capable of destroying an entire planet? uh huh. That's what I'm sayin... even Luke mistook the DS for a small moon the first time HE saw it... just keep an eye out people, 'cause the universe is a mighty big place, who knows what's out there?

If you said "Batman", please proceed HERE immediately 'cause dear lord they have a teaser trailer up. If you said, "hot", "mama like" or "sweet jesus who is that, i need to have his babies now",
Then please allow me to introduce you... He's Christian Bale, he's exquisite, he IS the new Batman, and I've been drooling over him since I was 15 (see here). Oh, and if you don't own American Psycho you should. Even if you have no interest in horror , suspense or gore whatsoever, I have two words for you: shower scene. You will never want to leave the house again.

Okay - back to you regularly scheduled music rants tomorrow...

tonight you can find me checking out my perennial favorites The GoStation who are playing at 8 PM at The Delancey. (Delancey between Attorney & Clinton) You really can't get any closer to Williamsburg while staying on the isle of Manhattan - it's AT the foot of the bridge... Hope to see lots of familiar faces out tonight!!!