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Seems to have a will of her own...

swiftly moving on...
(okay, so really moving backwards, but hey, you get the picture...)

Sirenfest – Part 2

First off, just one more note on my travels to Siren... Coney Island is hella far from Westchester. I mean – it must be the farthest point within the 5 boroughs for me to reach... but still, unlike last year I didn't scorch my eyeball and I parked inside of 15 minutes, so all in all, a much better experience.

Okay – best fun things at Siren:

TV on the Radio – the first time I saw them was almost a year ago now at Luxx which, come to think of it was my first (& only?) official date with BoyA, AND Boy2 was there checking them out simultaneously, and I kinda sorta thought it was him, but didn't say hi because at that point: a) I hadn't seen him in a year and 2) I didn't know he went to shows so really – what were the chances that I was right? ANYHOW, sorry about my trip down memory lane... my point was going to be that they were incredibly sloppy at Luxx... to the point of stopping mid song to yell at each other for not having practiced – it was pretty bizarre to see such an unorganized set. Of course they rocked the Mercury Lounge back in April, but here, on this stage stuffed into a crowded street packed with screaming fans was a completely new band… they were as tight as Lori Singer's jeans in Footloose, with almost unreasonable energy in the hot afternoon sun... they transcended before my eyes to a band worthy of having a hit song in London.

The Fever – Good God, so much fun. And with a ridiculously roomy photo pit, we were free to bounce around and chant the choruses at will. It was also during this magical set that someone leaned over and pointed out the valuable commodity trapped beneath my foot oooh la la! And instantly I didn't feel bad about how tight my bracelet was (damned small wrists) and how on earth I was going to share it with Jed, because we had found the holy grail of summer festivals, and Jed was going to have a golden ticket of his very own :)

The Grassy Knoll – That delicious spot between the Stillwell stage and the board walk where we ran into just about everyone we knew AT Siren… Ben & Nick Surefire, Miss Modernage & Mr.Supercoolphotographyboy, Nora & George, Giulia, Audrey, Steve, Peter, Jed... there were likely more, but suh are the perils of waiting two weeks to post.

My New BFF – Sipping rum & diet in ye old vip tent, I happened to notice a cute, albeit slightly older, guy whom seemed to know anybody in the tent that I did. Eventually, he seemed to pick up on the high concentration of our mutual acquaintances too & we started smiling at each other a bunch. Next thing I know we're exchanging pleasantries & asking each other questions about the set lists , and since I feel a little awkward talking to him anonymously, I introduce myself… later Peter pulls me aside to inform me that my new pal is, in fact, his boss. I comment on how he's out of my league and we giggle at my social ignorance. Hours later at the after party in entirely different getup, the BFF spots me, and smiles. you know? it's highly amusing to be recognized by such a adorable & well connected new acquaintance – especially in this land of people who take months and months and months to realize they've already met you 15 times He walked over, gave me a hug, and told me he was so glad to see me there... I think I was actually gob-smacked (oh wow, how much does it rule that I had an honest-to-goodness excuse to use that word!!?)

Rum & Energy Drinks - somebody ::coughdougcough:: convinced me that these were a good idea. And the first few were... all yummy & tasting like Orange Hi-C, I think I should have probably stopped with two. I got SO kirked out it was almost ridiculous… I was rambling on like a coke fiend, and just the giggliest thing you'd ever seen. Thankfully, I'm fairly sure there's no evidence of my psychotic break ;)

Boys, Boys & oh yes, more Boys – Alphas, Betas, Omegas, new possibilities... Siren was just awash with adorable indie boys for Jocelyn to prattle on to in her kirked out state. I only hope I was somewhere in the land of the coherent for most of my conversations I had a brilliant time just talking and laughing with everybody and I think it's safe to say that by the end of the night I had teeny "siren-crushes" on them all.

Blonde Redhead – very very pretty & very very LOUD. We were squeezed in upfront by the speakers & all I can say is god bless Amoeba records for their handy-dandy "earplugs on a keychain" freebee that I picked up in Coachella – they SO saved me from bleeding eardrums. And, really, can what that girl was wearing be considered a dress? It was like the opposite of a dress, some tiny piece of fabric that barely covered her body... I just, well, consider my angle – I saw some things I could have done with out thankyouverymuch.

New people – as the rum & legalized speed wore on, we all seemed to get friendlier & friendlier, chatting up randoms on the drink lines or the bathroom lines. There was this one incredibly sweet girl called Elena who was from Texas, another girl whose name was maybe Jackie? I cannot tell you how I laughed and laughed with these girls! And then there were Scott & Eliza. Now I've met Scott a few times and think he's a doll, and I knew he was engaged, but had never met his fiancé until Siren. Well, I looooved Eliza. She was just so sweet! Such a disarming way about her and funny to boot! And together? They were inspirational... so incredibly happy, so perfectly matched – and yet, they didn't make you feel like a dolt for being single. Not to mention I finally "officially" met Eva, Alex & Rich of the Madison Strays, NYC Natalie, Karenplusone & a few others I'd never managed to converse with before...

Death Cab For Cutie – this band did a whole lot of nothing for me at Coachella. Given, they played a late afternoon set on the outdoor stage and I was exhausted & probably in danger of a heat stroke... but basically? They didn't grab me much at all. At Siren? I LOVED them. I was bouncing around, singing along, trying my best to keep the beach ball afloat in the crowd behind me... and having what was probably the best time I'd had all day. Yay for Death Cab – I promise to come see you when you make it back around! They covered THIS and it was so, so, so best. (link from stereogum)

Misshapes – Now there was an after party hosted by SPIN, but we didn't stay there long, nor did we spend much time at Crashin' In' @ Rothko (especially since they closed up by 2?) Since it was still relatively early , and I had the buzz that wouldn't quit – I finally headed over to Misshapes for the first time in almost a MONTH. My presence floored Greg, I finally saw Sarah for the first time all day, and Jacob & company rushed me to the dance floor asap. And the dancing? Was JUST what I needed. I took a few breaks rail-side with a few of my favorite rockstarr*s, and ended up having a nice round of girl-talk whilst shakin' it with the gal all my guys love to love.

So yeah... you could say that Siren '04 pretty much rocked my socks :)
::beijos:: to everyone who made me smile all day long.