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just to see my boo again...

In lieu of actually posting about Siren today I did the following:

* Looked at every cover of Rolling Stone from 1977 - the present

* Furthered my plans to be so incredibly omni-present at every SPIN event that eventually someone will just assume I work there & point me towards a desk and a paycheck

* Stopped by productshop to wish Jason a bon anniversaire

* Had a full-on debate as to whether or not my rockstar crush is a playa, and to that end... whether it's better to turn a blind eye to the things you'd rather not know about your crushes, ie - IS ignorance bliss?

* Came up with my top ten shows thusfar this year:
1. Prince @ Club Black 3/15
2. Stellastarr* / Ambulance / Killers @ Irving 3/31
3. Starsailor @ Irving 1/22
4. The Delays @ Mercury Lounge 7/15
5. Franz Ferdinand @ Webster Hall 6/17
6. Bravery / Benzos / Dirty On Purpose / Sons of Sound @ Mercury 6/19
7. Killers @ Rothko Prom 6/24
8. Indigo Girls @ Radio City 3/12
9. South @ Bowery 2/13 -- TIE -- PJ Harvey @ The Knitting Factory 6/2
10. The GoStation / Surefire @ Don Hills 5/15

* Discovered the crush of one of the Alphas, was horrified at her utter boringness and promptly became disillusioned. (AGAIN)

* Made preparations for my new fashion project which will be unveiled tomorrow, i hope, to the delight and amusement of all...

* Made arrangements to spend the evening with my boo (version 2.0) way far away from the city in the land of "almost Putnam County".

So.... that's all folks! I'm trekking the bug even further upstate to get in a little r&r before the weekend swallows me whole.