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So I can't tonight, baby...

Ah Sirenfest... that annual hipster invasion of Coney Island that terrifies even the resident freaks and inevitably turns 10th Street and Stillwell Avenue into drunken, sweaty clusterfucks. This year was tremendously better than last... my commute only took half as long, I didn't burn my eye or any other vital organs, it wasn't quite as oppressively hot, and this year I scored a golden ticket courtesy of Peter (hooray for Peter, who seriously made my entire day 10 times better than it ever would have been without his help & his company)

I have to say that my day was light on the bands... I managed only to catch half of TV on The Radio's Set, a little over half of The Fever, and then most of Blonde Redhead and Death Cab for Cutie...

Peeps: Steve and I crossed paths twice whilst trying to park in the greater Coney Island area - we ended up in the same lot & moseyed on down the boardwalk together where we ran into the blogger-ettes (Miss Modernage, Miss Newyorkdoll, and Miss Melodynelson) on the grassy knoll behind the Stillwell stage. I made my way to Nathan's to meet up with Peter & co... and then it was off to the boardwalk to wait (and wait, and wait) on line for our bracelets where we discovered Doug GoStation and Paul Capitol. Once we finally found our way inside the little Vip tent, we discovered the free booze.... oh happy day! Free beer, free Rum, and life suddenly looked all that much brighter. We drank, we chatted, we met new people like Kip, and Damon, Natalie, Kathryn, and a whole slew of others I'll never remember...

(okay. part two is coming, i just can't anymore tonight. last night involved two separate open bars & I'm way too tired to go out again tonight but I'll be at the Bowery anyhow, so holla if you're gonna be around)

PS - Matt would like the world to know that HE is solely responsible for starting last week's wet t-shirt contest by projecting beer from his lips like some kind of human supersoaker.


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Jul. 22nd, 2004 12:19 am (UTC)
My tank top still has beer stains all over it, and now I know I can ENTIRELY BLAME MATT GOSTATION.

My night is complete -- Jocelyn we almost got arrested!
More later...
- Nora
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