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then one day she's satisfied and the next I'll find her crying,
and it's nothing she can explain...

A Quiz stolen from My Space. Please reply, anonymously or via email if you don't have an account. I love these things :)

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger, weaker, or staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?

I might actually settle down & formulate a real update this afternoon - but then again, not a whole lot has happened so far this week. I'm broke as the day is long & as such, have been staying in. I believe I'm hitting "The Alligator Lounge" in Williamsburg this evening because I have been promised a free drink and free pizza. FREE = GOOD. See Nora for details. If, unlike me, you actually have some disposable income... you should direct your feet here to check out the fantasticness that are The Sons of Sound.


Jul. 15th, 2004 03:42 pm (UTC)
1) I have to go with Joc. I'm sure there's some more appropriate Buffy-related nickname. Or even a cheesy nickname like AlphaOmega...but Joc fits.

2) Yes, very.

3) Since December 2001.

4) We met on a Tori Amos forum and found that we lived virtually right next to each other.

5) Out-of-my-league beautiful, smart, sassy, intuitive, emotional (even if not with me heh), deep.

6) Yes...even more so.

7) Self-esteem that wavers from medium-high to down in the depths...plus not being sure what you want out of life.

8) Yes.

9) Music, romance, thinking about/working out/writing about the past, taking care of small relatives!

10) Failed romance, guys who screw around with your head, dishonesty.

11) The LES.

12) Besides the iPod, which is a great answer. Probably a hot drummer who leads an incredibly exciting life, but is madly in love with you and eventually wants to settle down and get married.

13) Well...the Internet is strange. I know a lot about you in some ways, but many things I don't know. I know many of your fears, dreams, beliefs. I know where you are every weekend. I can find out your emotional state just by checking up on your livejournal. And I know what you sound like when you're having a really good time. But I don't know what you look like when you wake up. I don't know how often you look in your rear-view mirror (your real one, not a metaphorical one). I don't know how often you brush your hair. So I know a bunch of profound things about you, but very few day-to-day things.

14) As far as I know, at a Tori concert a couple years ago.

15) Nope - I've pretty much told you everything. Probably way too much, in fact.

16) No way. You could think about it though.

17) One word really doesn't cut it. There is too much to you to reduce it to a word.

18) I don't know, since I'm never sure what kind of friendship it is!

19) No.

20) I don't have a livejournal...but you can always email me your answers! Not that I expect it since you didn't do so with the last quiz ;-)
Jul. 19th, 2004 10:12 am (UTC)
1. Doughnut Boy, um, because it was?
2. as much as you think you're not, you are.
3. December '01
4. a "not-date" at your old place in NewRo. You made me the worst Margarita I've ever had, and I loved it.
5. Sweet and talented
6. absolutely
7. Co-eds, red-heads, beer
8. yes
9. Tori, playing the piano, dissecting movies
10. stupid girls
11. Eastchester Road in NewRo
12. confidence on an even keel
13. well enough to recognize the patterns in your life, but sometimes I think, "still not at all"
14. November of 01 at Tori's show in CT
15. no, I tell you everything, you know that :-P
16. hmmmn. j/k, no
17. Savior? in a very tori kind of way
18. much stronger over the last 6 months
19. oh god yes... and you do, and do, and do...