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I'm gonna soak up the sun...

Stuff, stuff, stuff... quiet week, so nice. I stayed in Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. And then there was the dilemma that was Thursday... The Stills, Morning Theft, and Benzos were all playing around the same time in vastly different locations. In the end, since I couldn't get out of Westchester until almost 9, I opted to cram myself into the incredibly packed Pianos to check out Benzos. Now, as amazing as they are, I almost wish I didn't go... but only because that last show at the Merc was so close to perfect, that will always be how I want to think of them... you know? It's going to take a lot for them to top that show for me.

Um, after the show, after the show... Amy, Nora & I went to look at an apartment with Ashley wtf!!? who goes apartment hunting at 10:30 at night? Silly you , we went to check out Jenny's apartment which is up for sublet 8/1 Then we dropped by lit for open bar, running into Greg & Shirley? on our way. At lit, we saw everyone we ever knew. Okay, maybe not EVERYONE, but it was close. It was Raphael's birthday, so there were a ton of people hanging out. We saw Jenny & Lauren again, Greg & Geo, Sarah & The Boyfriends and I'm pretty sure the foreign guy who wound up at Matt's last Saturday was there too... Lit basically was a sweaty debacle, so we left asap & rode on over to the Delancey & met up with Matt, Scott, Kari & Assorted members of various bands. Rooftop chillin at the Delancey rules... it was so nice to have a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other - while still in Manhattan :)

I had some fairly decent conversations, and one great one. It just felt good to take our pink elephant out for a walk, and believe it or not, it made the conversation flow that much easier just by acknowledging it's existence. I demonstrated my forthcoming quarter-life crisis by starting to talk about babies & marriage and discussing strict timetables for both. That segued into a whole encore of "they really do all have girlfriends" - sung by Nora & Jocelyn, arranged by the non-single men of NYC.

I bailed out around 1:45, and apparently missed out on a whole lot of drama... but in retrospect, I'm damn glad I came home when I did. I very nearly fell asleep at my desk today as it was.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow & I'm going to sleeeeeeep and get some pigment.