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And so you're back, from outer-space...

I haven't slept in two days, but apparently I'm not alone there. Only I haven't had any vehicular difficulties to speak of to keep my worried mind up at night. At first i was trying to chalk it up to the catch-22 of the temperature situation in my room. Let me explain... The apartment has central a/c, which works out great for the rest of the space, but unfortunately for me I have the last register on the line, so I get very little in the way of heat or a/c... therefore, I have a small space heater for the winter, and a ceiling fan (forgive me Trading Spaces) for the summer. It's been hella-hot in my room over the last few nights, so first I stripped my PM wardrobe down to nearly nothing and when that didn't help, I finally flipped on the fan, which I am loathe to do, because it it unreasonably LOUD. grrr. so basically it's swelter or slowly go deaf... either way, I ain't been sleeping & I'm starting to get loopy.

okay okay the boys... I'm wary about slapping up their titles again, because basically, many of you have um, broken my super-secret code, but basically, the alphas are back. I know, I know, we were supposed to put that all behind us & move on to the new class, but it's kind of like SBTB, you know? "The New Class" just wasn't enough, so they kept it alive with "The College Years" yeah, and it's more than just the alphas rising from the dead, we also have zombie-ex boyfriends. On our way home from work the other day, as we passed through the BRP tunnel (for the second time that week), we had a strange feeling that we might run into K. Sure enough, as we passed by his apt bldg, there he was on the corner all suited up to take a spin on his bike. We promptly stuck our tongue out at him & then giggled the whole way home. [sidebar: Eh, what can I say? I get a charge out of seeing his face when he's not expecting to see me... it's always the exact same expression that he made 8 years ago when I popped into EMS for the first time.] At times, we are disturbed by our freaky sixth sense, but it seems it could be honed a little more... according to K (who, lordy be!, contacted us) he had seen us 4 times in as many days!!? ANYhow, back to my alphabet soup...

It all started with "the spooning incident" which was lovely, and which we enjoyed thoroughly, but which left us utterly confused. Basically, we (yeah, I slipped back into the royal we again) don't really know how to deal with boys who aren't in it for the sex... much less boys who are apparently "in it for the cuddle" - we find this behavior quite bizarre, we don't know how to interpret it at all and so it vexed us for days on end. So we decided to ask OTHER boys to interpret said spooning for us. The boys, being boys, had an almost unanimous reaction. Specifically, "he's hella gay". hahahaha. The boys are funny, but not all that insightful. We did have one fine boy buck the crowd & go with "loneliness" which we were pretty willing to accept as an answer, and I think that may remain the reigning theory until we are notified otherwise. In the meantime, please allow me to present you with last week's "line of the week" it will be documented in context, but bolded for recognition:

Him: Bottom line: did some guy spoon you?
Me: yes
Him: then he's gay
Me: (can't breathe from the laughing)
Me: *mwah* i heart you
Me: you make my life look so much better to me :-P

(elapsed time, 15 minutes)

Him: If I'm lying in a bed next to and I can guarantee that it won't end up on a blog and/or get back to [common friend], you're as good as fucked.
Me: oh [darling]
Me: you say the sweetest things
Him: :-)

This weekend involved a lot of flirting, a LOT of phone calls, a decent amount of smack talking, and a lot of alcohol. Unfortunately, the phone calls and the alcohol were generally intertwined... especially on Sunday. On Sunday, the lovely Nora & I decided to celebrate the Nation's Birthday with the Nation's favorite hoof-containing dessert product... J-E-LL-O. You simply cannot get more American than Bill Cosby & jiggly fruitish stuff. Well, actually you can - and that's where the liquor came into play, mmn mnn good. So what do you do when you're wasted & bored & the fireworks are over? oh, I KNOW, I KNOW!!! Call everyone in your phone book, even the ones who are in different states!!? ::ding, ding, ding:: we have a winner folks. Anywho how... we may, um, inadvertently have insinuated that we'd be entertaining guests in tandem, but hello, we were HAMMERED and well, it's just plain funny in retrospect.

Backing up to say, Saturday, there were a few Betas about... one in particular who has been confusing the hell out of us lately. As horribly complicated as things with him are/would be, we can't help thinking about the possibility. Uh, yeah, can't think about him for too long though, he makes my head hurt.

This would be a good time to announce that this weekend also involved no less than 2 booty calls. Neither of which I attended, thankyouverymuch. I don't know so much about "the booty call"... hooking up with a friend you're out with when you're both hammered is one thing, hooking up with a friend who's hammered & hasn't seen you in days is a horse of a different color, you know? If I'm going to have a fuck buddy, then it's only about the sex & I usually avoid any sort of friendship or intimacy. But then again, I suppose all of this is moo* if you're equally sloshed. In honor of this weekends triumphant booty-call count, I would like to present to you for your perusal the best/worst booty-call line of all time:
"you have exactly 12 seconds to find a way to have sex with me"
(please, feel free to share your opinions with me via comments, email, or im)

Okay kiddies, that's it for now, but I promise shorter, more frequent updates to come ;)

* "Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo." - Joey Tribiani


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Jul. 7th, 2004 10:21 pm (UTC)
who on EARTH would say such a thing? i'm shocked and outraged.


hamburgler was here
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