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Okay, so I had a whole Lolita themed post for today, but it got sidelined by work and my lack of concentrating on ANYTHING at all whilst having multiple aural orgasms over a very new, very leaked album that I've been waiting for with baited breath for pretty much EVER. If I didn't have a dinner date I'd NEVER leave the office tonight. ::sigh:: Instead, I leave you with the following conversation that took place this afternoon...

brainwavey: Mags - why do boys insist on popping back into your life just when you think you've finally written them off?
brainwavey: is this in the manual that comes with their penis or something?
maggiekainu: yes it is
maggiekainu: it's the "mind fuck"
maggiekainu: just when you think you're done, they suck you back in
brainwavey: lol
brainwavey: it's SO true though
brainwavey: every fucking time
maggiekainu: but not far enough
brainwavey: nope
brainwavey: just enough to keep you on the line
maggiekainu: yes!
maggiekainu: it always keeps them in control
maggiekainu: and we let them do it
maggiekainu: for fear of seeming too needy
maggiekainu: or desperate
brainwavey: yeah, exactly
maggiekainu: or just trying to be cool chicks
maggiekainu: when come on
maggiekainu: we have needs!
maggiekainu: and we are cool chicks
brainwavey: it's too much work to be this cool
maggiekainu: well that's where you have to draw the line then too
maggiekainu: when the game stops being fun
maggiekainu: that's when you have to give the ultimatum
brainwavey: yeah, but my lines are drawn in chalk or something…
brainwavey: they wash out so easy
maggiekainu: or say goodbye
brainwavey: yeah
brainwavey: but that's never any fun
brainwavey: ::sigh::
brainwavey: you think I could get a copy of that manual on ebay? :-P
maggiekainu: rofl!!!


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Jul. 6th, 2004 04:01 pm (UTC)
so, 4 sightings in as many days, you stalking me? Oh, and "it" hardly comes with an owner's manual.
Jul. 7th, 2004 07:04 am (UTC)
Re: Unrelated


*I* only saw *you* the once... mayhaps *you* are stalking *me*? :P
When else did you see moi?

& okay, so maybe there's no manual, but "What do they do, take you all aside in high school and show you how?"...

been taking the brp home lately as the hrp sux my ass

nice little bike outfit you got there ;)

( 2 spankings — spank your inner moppet )