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So, here I am in my tiny little world. I write whatever I want because I'm rather incognito as far as the bloggerazzi are concerned. I've never let anyone link to me, and for a while I was really okay with that. Then I started talking about "going public" and letting the chips fall where they may. I bought a new space, got me some moveable type, told people I didn't cares o much about linking anymore. Only I haven't managed to work it all out yet... was kind of planning on waiting until that was settled and "launching" the new site publicly whilst this one faded into the background... Only, last Friday I got an unexpected push in the shape of Jason Productshop. And it was terrifying & fantastic and we ::heart:: Jason for throwing us into the pool with our clothes on (and simultaneously doubling our paltry readership) I only wish I'd had something even mildly entertaining for the folks to snack on whilst I was away.

so I was considering fixing all of the drunken mistakes in my last post, because, wow, there were quite a few... but I think I've decided to let the post remain "as is" to preserve the authenticity of my inebriation.

I don't even know where to start... I guess the torrential downpour that was our ride down would be a nice place. It rained. A lot. So much, in fact, that I was worried we might end up floating downstream to the Chesapeake Bay. And it was pretty much the whole way down - as if we were meeting it head on. And in the middle of all that, we nearly ran out of gas. FYI my darling readers... trucks traveling in front of you suck because you can see the exit for the service station until it's too late. And also? it's a really long stretch of asphalt between the Vince Lombardi station & the next one. By gones, by gones.

Made it to the Silver Spring. Lots of shrieking & hugging & have-a-beer-ness. Much front porch sitting and not technically chain smoking with the proprietors of Nosotros Casa. Big kisses from Sally, much love from new baby ninny Emmet - in fact just general mayhem from the entire menagerie. About a thousand phone calls & a few conversations with ex-navy boys later, Maggie, Mikey, BQ & I were chillin up in Jonathan's new crib with his gf Lauren whom I was glad to finally meet in person. They have a ferret. I am not a fan - he tried to crawl up our pant legs, also? they smell. It was SO good to see the Nosotros Casa crew again... I really need to get my ass down there more often. Plus everyone looked so great - Maggie is a whole new skinny bi-atch of a person, Robyn is totally blonde, and Matt is all rugged with the new goatee. Plus, I never get tired of watching BigBry walk into a room for the first time, I mean, he is seriously Paul Bunyan, no joke. No one makes me feel better about life than Jonathan, and Colleen & Sean are just so much fun to be around.

saturday, oh saturday... there was a good deal of sleeping in followed by coffee, followed by a short break with sanity - I actually let Bryan drive the bug around the greater Suburban DC area in our quest for Beer Helmets. Now, up until this point, It's mostly been me driving the bug... I let Audra over thanksgiving b/c I was hammered, and I let Anthony once b/c he's Anthony... but even then, boys who like cars + turbo beetle = me very nervous. I don't mind driving around with boys goin 110 on the back roads of Armonk, or drag racing through traffic on Central, but um, not in MY baby car. The best of BQ's mad driving skills were proven during a parking lot showdown at the Montgomery Mall, he turned the corner of the aisle at the same time as his opponent. they both paused, eyeing the jeep as it slowly pulled out of it's spot & then before I had time to grab the oh shit handle they were off, each gunning towards the open spot. In our haste, we nearly mowed down some poor woman climbing out from behind her mammoth SUV, but with a squeal of rubber, and nary 3 inches to spare, we were tucked into the winners circle... the driver of the other car even waited to congratulate him on his slick driving - I on the other hand, took the rest of the day recovering from the near loss of my one true love. the CAR people, the CAR... have you learned nothing from me!!? It was a truly entertaining afternoon: we got to mock the mall girls, argue over music, get lost & found three times over, and visit every single mall in the DC Metro area. Plus Bryan had the revelation that having a car, can in fact, influence what you listen to... ie: certain music is just much better while your driving than you ever thought it would be when you were sitting at home. Case in point? The Doves - The Last Broadcast.

Anyhow, by that evening the party was in full swing, and I was getting my drink on to the tune of "vodka-flavored fruit smoothies", miller lite, pina coladas & champagne with strawberries... yeah. Don't ask me what made me think mixing all that was a keen idea... But the kabobs were kickin', I was waitressing the heated croquet match & adding sexually intonated commentary from the deck with Maurice... so, as such things go, life was good. I loved meeting so many new people, which apparently included people I had met last year at Robyn's, but didn't necessarily recall due to extreme intoxication... even when I was reminded that I may have been sitting on their laps for a good chunk of the evening. yeah, um, oops. So the re-introduction to CrazyTommy basically consisted of his inviting me to a 4th of July shindig in Brooklyn and then showing a bunch of us his new tat... the word "SINNER" right above his jonx (tm, Robyn Fallow). He was kind of hot in a dirty, TommyLee kind of way [sidebar: I seem to attract an inordinate amount of "hardcore" types... I tend to think that this is because I am probably the exact opposite of anything that could be considered hard core - more like a marshmallow, you know? Anyhow, just something to ponder] and didn't miss a beat, immediately telling me or anyone within earshot how cute / awesome / sexy I was... so I'm not gonna say I didn't think about it, but really? Hooking up wasn't my main concern for the evening. There was just too much to do... deck dancing, some pin the tail on the donkey, a wee bit of the smot poking, plenty of trendy/hipster name calling with Boy2, a little MUPPET SHOW on DVD (i can't even... my permagrinned self was in absolute heaven) and oh yes, and the kiddie pool - which of course involved nekkid peoples (yours truly not included, I don't do skinny dipping outside of the ocean). It was all around a great time. At some point I found my cell phone & called a slew of people back in the NYC; a little later on I was chilling at a table in the woods, staring at a citronella candle and chain smoking while listening to CrazyTommy go on ad-nauseum to Boy2 about how amazingly beautiful I was. It was the most amusing thing I'd seen all weekend, I was completely delighted with how ironical the situation was, and it was all I could do to just sit there and smile ok, and maybe gloat a little on the inside. I think I passed out for about an hour or so somewhere in there, woke up just in time for the party to be winding down, and to take a last minute trip in search of cigarettes.

Sunday. Ouch. BIG hangover. Back in ridiculous pain from unorthodox couch sleeping.

but wait! what happened? Didn't you at least kiss anybody in the Merry-Land?!!
Ahem. ::bats eyelashes:: No, no dear reader, I was a good girl. And believe you me, I didn't have to be. But it was enough for me (and my huge yet incredibly fragile ego) to know that I could have. I have to say that I was quite impressed with myself... it was the first time in a long time that I turned down a boy whom I really wanted to kiss. But it was nice to wake up with no regrets, you know? Well, almost no regrets... but we'll get into that later.

Sunday was spent hungover, watching the WORST movie ever, and then driving, and driving, and driving home with Boy2. It's funny, how there are certain people you can open up to and certain people you just can't? It's not necessarily a matter of trust either - or how long you've known the person... I think, especially when it comes to me & the boys, it depends on the size of the pink elephant in the room with you... the bigger the elephant, the harder it is to talk about almost anything - because you're fixated on the elephant, and simultaneously trying not to say anything that could in any way lead to exposing the elephant, so the conversation becomes lighter, more superficial, much easier to maneuver around the elephant. So might think, that for the Boy2 and myself that an elephant of any appreciable size squished into a VW Beetle with us would leave very little room for heartfelt conversation... only, that really wasn't the case at all. I suppose that we've managed to starve the elephant down over the months because I had plenty of breathing room. We moved seamlessly from silence to silliness to subjects I rarely broach with anyone at all, and again, I find myself absolutely amazed at my level of comfort with him... really, it doesn't make sense - it just is.