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It's in my soul, it's what I need

Today's post is dedicated to two very special people who made last Thursday night all that a little girl from the Westchester ever could have dreamed it would be... ::beijos:: to my sweets Peter and Sarah - aka "Ultragrrrl" - aka "cutest girl on the planet" SPIN's "Making Out With Ultragrrrl" prom-party was rigoddamndiculously good-times.

let's take a little trip back to high school and determine what makes a good prom:

1. Way-cute decorations: plenty of sparklyconfetti everywhere how much would you HATE being the guy who had to clean that up? better yet, I'm sure we'll be running across glitter & the whatnot for months to come... plus a bazillion balloons filling the ceiling with their long tendril-ish ribbons trailing down. Oh, and of course, Rothko's own disco ball really just made the scene.

2. A great dress: Now, afraid of overdressing, I wasn't in full-on prom gear this time around, but I was girlied up in my flirty new skirt & heels might I add, for the first time since the whole Pianos-nearly-killing-myself-ordeal But I really do wish I'd gone all out... my favorite dresses of the evening were: 70's prom princess Laura in her Halston-inspired red satin (with tiara - of course), and faire-princess Sarah in a rainbow tulle ball gown of her own creation.

3. Spiked Punch: Hell yeah. Thanks to Bacardi, we were throwing back free drinks all night long with great names like "The Ultragrrrl" (with Redbull obvs) "The Killers", "The Make-Out",and my personal favorite... "The Walk Of Shame" Seriously, kudos to whomever suggested that name, you rawk.

4. Dreamy Date: Checkity check check... so many cute boys, you begin to wonder why you never used to go stag to these things! I had at least two Alphas, a possible Beta or two... and all of them gussied up in tuxes & quasi-formalwear. And BoyD? To answer your question from this morning? They made a fuss because you looked fiiiiiiiiiiiiine. And lemme tell you girls, he did... almost makes a girl go all gushy & think about kissin'no. no kissy-kissy, no more Alphas, no no no no no

5. Fun peeps to dance with: And dance we did. the prom edition of the magic mirror saw:
Sarah & Peter (duh), Lawrence, Audrey, Laura, Greg, Leigh, Geo, Giulia, Brian, Jason, Scott, Amy, Glen Asobi, Adam, Karen, and Lindsay.

6. Kick ASS Music: Done and DONE!!. First off Alex English of Girls & Boys, & Socia!ism fame spun the best of the best of indie-prom fare and got us right up on the dance floor to shake our groove thangs. With music so irresistibly danc-y, we can't really be blamed for openly mocking the non-grooving masses for coming to a dance and not DANCING. And then of course, was the main event... and I ask you, could I LOVE The Killers anymore than I do right now? I'm thinking it's not really possible. Too adorable for words, the guys rocked out in their formal wear & leis. My fourth time seeing them and I have to say - best show EVER. Two rows back from the stage in a packed to the gills Rothko, and the lot of us were in heaven. We screamed & danced, we cheered as Brandon called out the non-dancing hipsters, we jumped up & down holding hands and hugging eachother with sheer joy, we took 80 million pictures, we stomped and clapped and shouted "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" and by the time it was all over, we'd dissolved into sweet, sweaty messes.

So there you have it, I'd say the Prom scored high in every category. And I dare you to find a better way of having this much fun. Ok, sure there's thaaaat. But this runs a close second, so close, in fact, that more often than not I'd take this over thaaaat. And also? Hooray for Rothko not having a backstage - I'm going to go all Middle-School on your ass & tell you that I touched every Killers on their way off the stage!!! ::Swoon::

There just wasn't a better way to kick-start my totally awesome weekend.

And oh what a weekend it was... stay tuned for my account of our merry time in merry-land ;)

Ohhh - and before I forget. If you're not doing anything tonight... get your ass down to the Mercury Lounge to see Surefire around 10:30. My baby boys are HEADLINING - can you even stand it? Best $8 you'll spend all week, guaranteed.