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Cirque, Sighs & Surgical Tape

Right. In the grand tradition of me, I am updating months apart.

Let's see... stuff that has happened since May:

I took a little hiatus from all the crazy show-going, I think. Kind of a break at least.

I had to have my pilonidal cyst lanced again. That sucked. I finally decided to have it permanently removed & did so on June 20th. That sucked too -- I apparently don't get along too well with anesthesia. I'm on the mend and feeling lots beter now that I'm stitch-free.

Josh turned 3. For those of you who know who he is & remember when he was born, this is HUGE. He's too fucking cute for words & I adore him.

Field Day was & was not a bunch of times before finally settling on a one day rain-filled event at Giants Stadium. Despite remaining soaked & freezing for much of the day, I had a really good time - mostly due to Jill, Lauren, Childs, TedRock & Laura. Definitley the crew to be soaked, less than sober & bouncing around to the Beasties & RH with.

Audrey's birthday party. She announces that she's 1. going to start party planning and 2. is going to be featured in RollingStone with fellow bloggers Laura & Giulia. THEN the rockstars show up. I again feel woefully inadequate until I spend some serious time talking to Arthur & Michael Stellastarr* & remember that basically they're not a whole lot different than K or Mike Henry or Casey, someone just happened to hand them a contract. It was a fun night. Vince's party was equally fun in a completely different way : it featured excellent Japaese beer, much tortured kareoke, Hulk Hands, and the best party favor I've gotten in years: one limited edition Vince Mix CD.

John Granderfeld threw a thoroughly excellent party at his PARENTS house. It was flashback central, just like our high school parties of yesteryear (ok, well how those parties WOULD have been had we had any sort of cash flow back in the day). Special gueststars included none other than Colleen Bramhall & Beth Mullin!! For the love of god I hadn't seen them in like forEVER. I got zooted. I got talked into a situation that involved an upstairs bedroom, and in true high school fashion... I talked myself right on out of there.

Saw the Cirque du Soleil's Varekai. It was gorgeous, just utterly mind-blowing. So SO happy I went. And for the record - the twins are the hottest men I've ever, ever seen. EV. ER. Just thought you should know.

I made my triumphant return to the music scene (post-op) by attending the SOLD-OUT "Vicious" at sin-e hosted by the lovely Miss MelodyNelson & Jenyk the shutterbug. It was tons of fun & I wish them continued success in their new venture :) To my dismay, I learned that my favorite Audrey-friend Rosalind will be leaving us soon for the shores of Spain :( I'm going to miss her, I mean the girl has stood for countless hours on lines with me & we belted Journey together... that is bonding. Hopefully through the miracle of the internet, we'll k-i-t easily.

My Great Aunt Vera passed away just a month shy of her 91st birthday. She never lost her faculties, still lived on her own. In fact she was out in her garden pulling weeds the day she died, she just laid down on the couch that evening & never got back up. Lemme tell you, THAT is the way to go.

And finally, on a happier note: my cousin Aron got married last weekend. :) Now he & I have always had a bit of a special bond, seeing as though we're exactly the same age (less 2 months) We've gone through all sorts of life's steps together: walking, talking, school, graduation, nicotine & alcohol abuse... and now he's gone & beaten me to the alter. *sigh* He looked so happy, there's just nothing like looking at two people in love. Makes you want to feel that way too. I know I will again someday, it's just a matter of waiting & watching ;)

blah blah blah cakes.

Ta for now