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Other news first, then Saturday :)

in other news...

Over at the ProductShop, Jason ponders, "Shit, when did republicans become more sexed-up than liberals?..."
-- oh honey, *I* could have told you that. ::smirk::
Can I just add (as a note to the general public) that if Jeri Ryan were your wife you'd be asking her to do kinky shit too... I mean come ON now, she was every trekkie's wet dream !

Stay tuned to Jasper's site for some AMAZING pictures he took of the Sons of Sound performance at the Merc. A quick review of his camera left me absolutely stunned... SOS lighting is the most perfect match for Jasper's style... I can't wait to see them all nice & big :)

This evening I am lucky (and loved) enough to be attending the pre-opening party at Odea in Soho where the ever lovely Miss Melodynelson will be djing. I'm thinking this may be the most chi-chi event I attend all summer, so look out... I'll be raiding the Westchester side of my wardrobe tonight!

Oh, and just in case you haven't been hit with it 80 million times yet today, Lolla has been canceled. Again. Thanks Mr. Perry. ::insert eye roll:: I mean, I guess I'd cancel too if I was going to take a bath on almost every show, so really I should be shitting on the lame musical tastes of middle America. I'm mostly just praying that Elbow will still tour the US this summer, because I'm seriously due for a fix after seeing them at Pianos last October.

ooh, this just in: I've just discovered that I really really do not like grape skittles.


Oh Saturday, let us begin with my awakening rather blissfully around noon, rolling over to stretch out my curled up limbs and... oh HOLY FUCK, the PAIN the PAIN. oh right, stairs. pianos, broken shoe, broken ass. I downed a handful of aspirin, grabbed a couple of ice packs and flopped carefully on the couch for the Boy Meets World marathon. really not kidding. i LOVE that show. I mean, how can you beat the one-two punch of Fred Savage's little brother and the man who brought life to K.I.T.T.?

Now, feeling the no-pain with the constant popping of the 'pirins, I was about to hop in the shower when a DARLING friend laid a hugely fantastic musical gift on me... Now I can't exactly say what it was that I received, but I can say that it just might be a song from the artist who is directly responsible for my foray into the world of online musical fandom. And that perhaps that the persons in the record company responsible for releasing the album are inane idiots for not sucking up the "lack of a single" and just getting it out to the fans. It's wonderful, it's beautiful, and it's nothing you do to it is going to land it on KRock's playlist so just RELEASE the damn thing already.

I floated off to the shower humming the new tune & then I was off to the Mercury Lounge (in flip flops mind you, heels were a definite no-no for the rest of the weekend) where I waltzed in on the guest list *mwah, mwah, mwah* big hugs and sloppy kisses to Dennis & Scott - my wallet sends it's warmest regards The magic mirror saw: Audrey, Dennis, Scott, Scott's brother Doug, Amy, Matt & Doug GoStation, Jacob Surefire, Steve, Shannon, Jasper, Brett, Jed, Jinners, Greg, Leigh, and I'm sure a million other people I'm forgetting...

Now, I have loved watching the progression of Dennis' songs from his acoustic stylings through the demos to adding Scott, to the Sons of Sound ep... and to see the songs with the addition of Scott's brother Doug on drums? I can't even begin to explain what it was l was witness to. From the very first beat of the drum it was so effortless, so natural... it was as if the drum parts had always been there in your mind and Doug was simply playing them outloud for the first time. They were magnificent. Someone said "U2 with Jeff Buckley fronting" and that's not so out in left field... only I think it sells them short. SOS are better than any hybrid label could ever express, they had me rocking out from their first note to their last.

At no point after the SOS did I take Steve & Greg out to the beetle to serenade them with my sweet secret song on the car stereo.

Watching DoP at the Merc was fantastic. Hooray for brick walls & the best sounding small room in the city. And Hooray for DoP who continue to amaze me with how much tighter and more cohesive their sound becomes every time I see them. Their dreamy melodies just give me the warm fuzzies - you know?

Benzos. Suffice to say this... I could not stop smiling. I could not stop smiling because I was in the presence of something so extraordinary that I just know it won't be long before I have to wade though arena audiences to see them. Actually that doesn't suffice at all. I am so in love with this band, I don't even know where to start... I can't stop listening to You're Forever an Hourglass, I can't stop listening to their EP even though it's not NEARLY as aurally ecstatic an experience as seeing them live. Simply enchanting. And I knew this from the first time I saw them. I'll never forget it... we were at Pianos for The Day After, I'd had a long night and I was exhausted, physically, emotionally drained and incredibly apprehensive about coming back out at all - only I did, and I sat and listened to the most amazing acoustic set that both calmed my nerves and renewed my faith in the beauty of the simplest pleasures. Benzos saved me in some small way that day, and they remind me of all those things and more every time i hear them.

The Bravery. This is the thing about The Bravery... We saw them open for The GoStation at Plaid and while we weren't paying all that much attention during their set (having walked in mid set, looking for familiar faces, ordering drinks & the like) we appreciated their sound, and walked away with EPs. Well now. The EPs are crazy catchy. We LOVE Honest Mistake and we think the other two songs are just so much dance-y fun. Then we saw The Bravery play at their Arlene's Grocery residency and we thought that A) they were way cute with their 80's Adam-Ant look and 2) we REALLY like the songs from the EP, and maybe we just need to get to know the other songs better to love them too... Then the played the Merc, and we still think that the songs on the EP are great, but we can't believe they open with Honest Mistake, and I really don't think the other songs are very likely to grow on me... there are about 4 songs I adore & the rest I could really take or leave without much fanfare. So that. Is what I have to say about that. Oh well, and also? What the hell is up that Crash Bandicoot / Sonic the Hedgehog guy? Um, WOW. It's not so often you run into real-life japanimae characters.

Now... there was a plan to go to Misshapes, I even texted Boy D mid-Bravery that we'd be over in a jiffy (as he was all alone in the big bad Luke & Leroys). Only the plan started rapidly dissolving. First was the came the call that Boy D was leaving for home, then we were reminded of the after party at Opaline, then someone mentioned food, then all of Surefire showed up outside the Merc to pelt the patrons with flyers. Eventually the group splintered, and it ended up that my starving self got to play Den Mother once again for all of Surefire plus Matt & Doug GoStation. We ended up in some random diner on Ave A, and I could have SWORN I was back at the Odyssey circa 1995, I mean seriously - we might as well have had the Burnt Van outside, only it'd've been pumping out Stone Roses & Oasis rather than Sabbath & Rush. Ha. It was so late by the time we got out of there & Surefire dispersed that I was sure we weren't going to Opaline, but oh, I was wrong... there we were amongst half naked people once again. Quick hellos to Amy, Scott, and Christian Benzos, downed a beer, danced to Bowie, and we were out.

Outside we ran into Nina who was having a cell-phone/own bed dilemma, and I offered to shuttle her down to her car on my way to take the boys home. Have we said how sweet Nina is before? Because she really is. And then my evening took another bizarre turn... Suddenly Matt was craving coffee, or reluctant to attempt sleep - and suggested that we take Doug back to Queens & find some Java. Which we did. We sat outside some all night NYU Coffee bar with a pack of Parliaments and talked until the sky was quite bright and we were accosted by a British man named Tomer who was convinced that Matt was his long lost twin and his friend in a chinese straw hat who took notes on the SOS and TGS and gave us a diatribe on the life cycle of a band. We laughed so hard our cheeks ached before we finally decided to pack it in some time around 6.

Once I hit the FDR I threw some Tangerine Dream into my cd player, I had intended to play the "love on a real train" track from Risky Business, but ended up on the Legend medley and let it play. Now there is a gorgeous piece of music in that film entitled "The Sun" wouldn't you know it started playing just as I came around a bend and watched the sun stream across the river and make the Chrysler building shine! It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and with the swell in the music, I could have just floated out of my body right then and there. You see? That's the wonderful thing about thsi city... there are beautiful, unexpected moments everywhere, just waiting to be unveiled.