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This announcement is pointed at certain men in my life, past and present, whom are (to paraphrase Tori) wonderful creatures who hit things...

Hey Everybody,
The Natural History is looking for a new drummer. Someone who likes to tour a lot and would want to be in a full time band. Well, at the very least would want to tour this fall. We're in the middle of recording our new record which will be done at the end of summer (our current drummer will be finishing up the record) and released early next year. If you know of anyone in the NYC area who might know someone, please forward this to them! If you someone who has always wanted to move to NYC and be a drummer in a rock band, please forward this to them! your help is appreciated.


This is a great band. If you got the gig you would get to go on a real live tour, this is your rock and roll dream... go now go & grab it.

May the best man win ;)