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Geek Chic?

Right. So, Fresh off an action-packed weekend I think it is quite official to say at this point that I am by FAR, not cool enough for my life.

I am a geek from Westchester. I LIKE being a geek from Westchester. And yet - I find myself on the edge of the edge of this incredible NY music scene. I find myself at parties that I never would have known about were it not for my much-cooler-than-me friends. I find myself brushing elbows with the likes of James Iha and Nick Zinner. I find myself joking with Carlos D. of Interpol about why there are no fish in the fish tank behind him (apparently he ate them). I find myself chatting with the boys of stellastar*, discovering that guitarist Michael Jurin likes to down a Jack & Coke before hitting the stage & that lead singer Shawn Christiansen prefers "girlie drinks" like vodka-cranberries. We also pick up on the fact that Shawn isn't feeling so well & that he has a lovely girlfriend, who again, is MUCH cooler than me.

As I look around inside Northsix, my "edge-factor" which is perhaps exaggerated in Westchester, is absolutely dwarfed in Brooklyn. People here know all the words to songs by bands I am just starting to get into, everyone looks like perfect little non-conformist punk-pop-rock dolls, most of the girls are way skinnier than me, and practically all of the boys are prettier. It's a strange world, this sub-culture that I've discovered through the proverbial rabbit hole. And though I have the minimal trappings that allow me to slip about virtually unnoticed (I have the prerequisite too-long bangs, a single button black blazer & red shoes) I'm SO not a part of this scene & I know it. But hey, it's all right.

I love live music, I love dancing about with total (& not so total) strangers, I like worming my way through the crowd to share a bit of sidewalk with my fellow future Cancer patients, I like paying $6 for my G&T, sucking it dry & resorting to chewing the ice cubes in an effort to quench my dehydration. I love that feeling of discovering that I *really like* a new band, of picking up the words to the chorus & singing them out by the 2nd time through. I love that I always end up front row or thereabouts & though I hate getting blinded by flashbulbs, I would have been clicking away myself had my battery not been exhausted (Damn my lack of rechargeable batteries!).

So, I'm not hip enough to be a hipster (despite my performance in all those damn quizzes) Big Deal. I'm having a grand time being a geek in the NYC music scene's equivalent to paradise.


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May. 20th, 2003 08:04 am (UTC)
geeks rock!! all you have to do is embrace your geek-dom...and you're king baby! :)
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