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my weekend - was amazing.
Certainly the best weekend I've had in a long time that didn't involve sex.

We're going to do these one at a time b/c they were both VERY long nights...
Friday night, as expected, was a little insane. Rush home, get changed, wrap fantastically amazing birthday gift procured through ebay, attempt to call 5 different people to suss out the cake situation(none of whom answer their phones), look up addresses of LES D'Agostinos(just in case), hop in bug & set off on my way. Stop off in midtown to drop off FF ticket to Jill's doorman, continue on down to Pianos, notice an abnormal amount of taxis parked in the area, finally find a spot to put the bug, big hugs with bouncer boyfriend, and arrive at Dutch Kills release party in tact. Big hugs to my poor sick darling Nora, hellos to Ben & Nick Surefire, and to the boys of "Mean Gestation" who were crowded behind the dj table. Kisses, a few of the lovely free grapes, and it was present time...

[sidebar: a little background... one of the greatest joys in the life of Jocelyn is giving gifts. Now I'm not talking about your average presents here... practical things, things they would have ended up getting for themselves, things someone else may have thought of getting (or did). Sure, I end up relying on items like those often enough - but that's not what gets me off... It's the homemade gift, the one that shows how much thought went into it, the thing they never knew they couldn't live without. When I find something that perfect for someone, it keeps me high for weeks. I love it. I love keeping it a secret, I love surprising them, I love watching their faces when they finally see what it is. Sure, sometimes the gifts are a little on the extravagant side - but they don't have to be, it's not about the money, it's about finding the perfect thing to express your appreciation for someone. /minirant]

Now, since we know that the best part of giving a present is the reaction, who better to react for you than Matt GoStation? Upon tearing the tissue paper open, there was a suitably dramatic slide down the wall and enough appreciative and amazed exclamations to fill my heart for days. Not to mention the peanut gallery who were all "oohs" and "ahhhs" and "wow, you're really good at this". So yay. Rock on for making someone happy and totally getting off on it at the same time... hey, wow, I bet that must be what mutual orgasming is all about...
ANYways. Had about a half a beer before coming to the conclusion finally that there was, in fact, no cake. In the world of me - this is a disaster. Cake + Birthday, Birthday + Cake, it's just not right to go separating them. Especially when the birthday boy saw two other geminis with TWO cakes each inside of the last week. So, off to market I went. Only, The D'Ags on University place - has no bakery. And the one in Gramercy? doesn't exist. But eventually, after walking too far in heels that aren't meant for walking... I found a random grocery store with a closed bakery and a tiny man who was susceptible to the desperate pleas of a girl in a low slung shirt. Chocolate-chocolate please :) Candles, forks & paper plates later & I was out the door & battling 4 different emergency vehicle lane blocks on my way back to Pianos.

The lovely manager, Carlos, whisked the cake away to the refrigerator, and I caught a teeny bit of Dutch Kills before my blister-ridden feet forced me upstairs to watch from the comfort of a couch. I finally got to meet Nick's Meghan - who is just the cutest thing, but whom I was beginning to think he had made up... and then it was back downstairs to catch a little Douglas Firs before taking up a "send Nora home via cab before she DIES" collection that was promptly canceled once Nicole volunteered her driving services. From there I got a non-id carrying friend into the place with a smile, was roped into being mailinglist girl & holding Doug's cell phone, and somehow managed to turn the mailing list over to Nick Surefire for the pre-show. Popped outside for one more smoke and ran into a bunch more people I knew, then scurried back in to hear the last of the GoStation's surprise Take Me Out warm up (sans the mia Doug).
Then it just happened. Best GoStation show ever. Of course they were fantastic at Tiswas, but this was something else entirely... no pressure, no anxiety over Nick Mark's reaction, just a small room packed with friends and fans alike cheering on the boys who were just visibly having a great time playing music that they obviously love. It doesn't get much better than that, I was almost reluctant to tear my eyes from the stage in the line of my mailinglist duties... I'd have loved to just stare in amazement, dancing and singing along the whole time. But I sucked it up, batted my eyelashes, and got them some new names. True, the flirting technique tends to lead to explanations of why I'm not giving out my number... but telling guys that I was dating the entire band as a whole tended to shut them up pretty quickly... Um, highlights? I loved C'Mon. It was better than I could have ever imagined... and well, they should always close with Moonlight, it's just such a fantastic signature for them. Oh, and Vince's old guitar all done up in it's new John Squire-esque paint job looked mint onstage. But what really made the show were the two mysterious girls who started dancing in the back during Battle Lines... now, these were no ordinary girls, they were drunk models with fake breastesses - and they were twirling up a storm. Erica & I exchanged "Ihavenoideawhotheyareorhowtheygothere" looks and then she laughed, "but I sure wish they'd go dance up front" to which I replied, "I know! The guys would shit themselves!" And then they did, lol, and they did. And as quickly as the lovely ladies had come into our lives, they were gone - too busy dancing to even sign the mailing list. ::much ado about head shaking:: And then there were the thank-yous from stage... yes, yours truly was thanked by name for the first time ever by anyone, and yes - it made me deliriously, deliciously happy.

Once the show was over it was time for cake, mmn, glorious chocolaty goodness... only getting everyone in one room was easier said than done. I went on a mission to pull people out of the upstairs to come and join us - and as I was following Naomi & Joel downstairs... and well, I'm not entirely sure what happened. Either my heel broke and caused me to fall, or I fell and my heel broke, but either way there I was sliding down the steel stairs at Pianos hitting my back & my backside on every step down. Nothing was really the same after that... I think I may have been in a bit of shock. All I know was it hurt like a MoFo and I KNEW there was going to be serious pain in the morning. Surprisingly, I didn't bust out crying or take myself to the ER - I mean, there was just too much left to do! lol. I stood up shaking, brushed myself off and hobbled back down into he main room rambling about breaking a heel, a nail and my ass & enlisting the help of the famished Nick Surefire to light the candles. We sang Happy Birthday, Matt blew out his candles, Nick & I cut the cake, and everyone was chomping happily away as I carried a piece out to Abdul and hobbled back to my car for my flip flops. Eventually, I found my own piece of cake, met up with Ashley, and downed giant-sized kamikazes with Matt (in all truth, as much to numb my pain as to celebrate his 23 years on the planet). We all loitered at Pianos for a good long while, talking and laughing, drinking and smoking until it was time to load out...

But of course, we couldn't let the party end there... Matt, Joel, Naomi, Ashley & I picked up a couple six packs & headed back to Matt's place where I had my THIRD viewing of Joel & Matt at The Big Easy, and then watched the first half hour of The Abyss, before rolling out to westchester in time for the last of the owls & the first of the wrens to greet me.

Fantastic night. (even with the falling) Yay for birthday shows at Pianos!!!

Saturday was ridiculously amazing & crazy looooong, so it will have to wait until tomorrow as I lack the strength to sit here and transcribe it from my head ;)