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i'm caught up in that dream again...

This weekend... which officially began Wednesday night :) is going to be off the charts.

So much fantastic music, so many awesome friends, and of course - the boys. Summer is kickin into gear and I'm really feelin the end of the boy ban... it's like that post I wrote two years ago... this humid weather with it's heavy air just gets to me you know? Wow. lol. Look at that - today is the 2 year anniversary of this blog it's almost uncanny how incredibly far I've come since then in so very many ways, and I'm really glad I chronicled the experience - somehow being able to re-read everything I've lived through makes it all that much more real to me.

oh, I had a point I was going to get to... this weekend!!!

Wednesday night was a refreshing change of pace... Vince's birthday festivities at a roomy Irish pub. No new music to attempt to absorb, no glitzy people djing, no tricky dance moves. Just me & the boys & the cake. BTW? I've been SOLD on Vegan cake. I've railed against the evils of dairy-free confections for years now, but it turns out there's been some vast improvements in whatever supplements they're using lately, 'cause godDAMN the two vegan cakes I've had over the last two weeks have been SO best. My night consisted mainly of hanging with Matt & Doug GoStation & Steve, eating cake, drinking beer & discussing a range of topics that stretched from the first time each of us heard Tori, to whether or not Johnny Depp is still a bad-ass, to what I'd like to do to David Beckham. Of course I got in a little face time with Vince & Melissa - explained my deep love for the beetle and how the thought of giving her up pains me, discovered that Slainte was the name of Vince'd dearly departed Vespa... And then ended the evening by being serenaded with a medley from LesMiserables. yeah, I'd say my night was pretty tops.

Last night, after some serious ticket & schedule scrambling - I took Audra down to Webster Hall to see Franz Ferdinand with Audrey, Ashely & Guilia. why so good!? I HATE Webster Hall with a fiery passion, but the seriously deficient a/c and poor sight lines did nothing to quell the phenomenon that was FF. They won me over in a whole new way - so Scottish, so sexy, so energetic they had me writhing in near epileptic states. The set was short and sweet and was all I ever could have asked for. Yay for Franz Ferdinand - they WILL take over the world. After Franz we stopped by Greg's for a bit & then headed over to The Delancy for Karipolooza to see Audrey DJ. We met up with Matt GoStation & showered him with the appropriate measures of "it's technically your birthday" alcohol & affection. We split around 1:30 am - which made this morning a little rough, but hey so much more than worth it.

Tonight I'll be here at Pianos For Daybreaker, Oliver Future, Dutch Kills, The Douglas Fir, and (of course) The GoStation. i can honestly say I know absolutely nothing about anyone on the bill outside of TGS, but I can also say that I ::heart:: the guys SO much that I'm actually giving up another chance to see Franz Ferdinand just to be at their show, so that should tell you something right there. Don't you think it's time you came & found out what all the fuss is about!?!? $8. Trust me, they're worth it.

Tomorrow night is bound to be immortalized as THE line-up of the summer:
8.5 The Sons of Sound
9.5 Dirty on Purpose
10.5 Benzos
11.5 The Bravery

All bands that I've ranted about right here, all bands that I adore, all together at the Mercury Lounge for one night, all yours for only EIGHT measly dollars. It just doesn't get better than this people. I can NOT wait. ::insert giant-sized grin::

That's all I have time to whore for today - have to get my ass downtown asap to fulfill some scalping promises...