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every now and then you are just NOT in the mood to go out at all, but you've made a million promises to a million people and you go anyways.....and, surprise you end up having a great night. Last night was very much like that. All I wanted to do was sit home, curl up and watch TBS' castrated version of Sex & The City. But I got up, got changed, and drove on down to Rothko for Vicious to see Morning Theft, Other Passengers & The Affair. Now, I have to say it was odd... being at Vicious & not being at Sin-e... a little sad really, things didn't "feel" the same, I'm not sure I can really describe it. i think Sin-e while not much smaller in terms of floor space , just feels more intimate than Rothko with it's towering ceilings. Things I miss about Sin-e: ample parking on Attorney, the ability to smoke right outside the venue, bar stools, having direct access to the dj booth, seeing cute boys from The Blondes, Inc everywhere. However, I was still really glad I went. The bands were great, I got to see the regulars ( Audrey, Jasper, Dennis, Steve, Amy, Nora, Nicole, Danielle, Jinners - i'm not bothering to link anyone today, seriously, they're all on the left anyhow) and while I didn't end up running into many of the people i thought I might, I did end up running into a whole different set of peeps...

ie: I got to catch up with Erica who I feel like I haven't seen in months... and we talked about wedding dresses and designers and waiting to find the one right person so that you don't end up with multiple marriages - and really, it was the most refreshing and reassuring bridal conversation I've had all year. Erica's just really one of the most genuinely happy to-be-bride-to-be's I've ever seen, and I love that about her - she just beams with that vivacity of spirit, that perfect combination of absolute delight and serene satisfaction. And before you start to imagine a nauseous display of emotion, it's really not like that at all - it's an inner radiance, so unarguably natural that you can't help but be swept up in her joy.

outside I found myself chain smoking with Jason and talking about all kinds of things like the suckiness that is Randall's Island, and the unbelievable coolness that the rumored (and now confirmed) Garage Rock Festival would be... we touched on how bizarre the pseudo-celebrity of blogdom can be, and what it's like to actually know people vs. virtually know them, and how utterly creepy it can be when those lines blur in the public eye & readers transform you into some sort of en-graven idol to be worshiped or abhorred... how it's possible to be so incredibly thrilled by a performance, so deeply embedded in the moment that you can scarcely recall the experience (oh i know - just the though was a horror for me, the nostalgic record keeper "i want to remember every detail of this moment" girl-extraordinaire) But I think perhaps the most amusing bit of the conversation for me was when he asked if I was dating one of the boys in the bands. Ha! At first I thought, oh, red hair... he must be confusing me with Jen but no... that wasn't it, he just thought there was another girlfriend in addition to Jen, and he thought it was me tee hee in fact he was fairly convinced it was me... now ordinarily, this would not be such an amusing anecdote, but I just really found it hysterical that someone envisioned me - most single girl on the planet - as the proper girlfriend of anyone at all. I mean, that would involve my actually DATING, as opposed to finding myself in random drunken adventures with various friends (& the occasional complete stranger). Anyhow, it's always amusing to find out what kind of impression you make on people who you don't quite know.

I also got a little surprise in the shape of an unexpected Beta - and although i probably could have anticipated his being there, I hadn't, so that was a pretty nifty addition to my evening. I actually think there is a potential for a date with this one...amazing, no? And just to really knock your socks off? He's NOT a musician. I know, I'll give you a moment to recover....

okay. better now? shock worn off? good. moving on... oh, i actually got to have an actual conversation with Jasper. I can't tell you how long it's been since that happened. lol. he's so incredibly busy these days it seems like we kiss hello & good bye and if we get in a "how's it goin?" - well, that's pretty huge for us. So, it was really very nice to get n a little face time.

Now I had originally planned to mosey on over to Sin-e for the Blue Spark's release shindig with the Fever, and possibly a mosquito-ravaged Laura... but as the hour wore on, I decided that I might better catch my beloved mini-me, Ali in Also Known As, an improv show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. I got there just in time to run smack into Amy Cermele, grab a beer & a seat. Now I've seen a bunch of these sketch comedy shows... and this one really wasn't half bad :) Of course I could stand to watch a lot more Ali, but I'd say a good 80% of their troupe were actually funny - which is a pretty high statistic in the beginners improv world.

Anyhow, an hour later I was standing on the side walk determining that the new "club" Ali was working at from 1-7 AM did not in fact involve poles, gogo boots or scantily clad women of any sort, when my bag started buzzing. It was Matt GoStation, giddy as a school girl, dying to tell just one more person that they had snagged a headlining slot on a Saturday night at the Merc. Woohoo! Big ups to the boys for landing such an impressive gig sans-recorded material (btw, I was lucky enough to get my ears on their two-song promo early last week, and I'll beleaguer all of you with my thoughts on the recorded sound of TGS once it's officially pressed & made available to industry-type folks, which I believe should be very soon). [second sidebar in a row: what is this thing about Matt kind of looking like a younger Robert Smith? Who started this train of thought & where do I get off? Really now, do big eyes & slightly wacked out hair automatically make two people look a like? Yeah, I didn't think so. I mean there is the most basic of resemblances, but I really think we're treading into Lindsay Lohan territory with that one. /rant ]

Knowing full well that this would be a energy-sapping week, I opted out of drinks with Ali & the comedy crew - but I might as well have gone. The West Side came to a Grinding halt some where in the 90's as we squeezed single-file past some late night construction. It wasn't all that bad though, I rolled down my windows, blasted a little Killers (Filter compilation cd from Coachella - oh shit, that reminds me I NEED to get me some Hot Fuss today), a little Benzos, and a shot of Surefire just for good measure. Did I mention that Surefire has their own headlining gig at the Merc Monday, June 28th? Well if I didn't... don't miss it. 10:30 (read: 11) Mercury Lounge, cute boys playing the catchiest, most fun, most rockin pop songs you've ever heard.

Whoa. This post turned out SO much longer than I imagined...


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Jun. 17th, 2004 08:23 am (UTC)
show me show me show me
show me show me show me
how the world could think
i look like that man anyway
the one who likes to yelp and bray
i don't have wrinkles, i'm not gay
show me what you're seeing
and i promise you, i promise that
i'll cut and shave my hair
i'll cut and shave my hair

-smith vs. friedlander, to the tune of 'just like heaven'

and, of course, if anyone REALLY wants to hear the promo that badly...


there are the links to the songs

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