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today is the kind of day when i hate being a girl. I'm cranky, I'm tired, I'm blowing tiny things out of proportion like it was my J-O-B, I'm switch hitting from severely bitchy to ridiculously morose & back so fast it would give you whip lash and my tits hurt so fucking much right now a mastectomy is looking like a great plan. blaaaaaaaaaaaah. For reals now, this is ridiculous. I cannot take a single step with out recoiling in horrific pain, I really am considering duct-taping myself to avoid any jiggling whatsoever. yeesh. That in and of it self would be enough to put me in a rotten mood, but wait... there's more. I had a dream this morning that I needed surgery again on my back, and in the dream, I was going to have to get it done this morning & I was all worried about calling work & telling them I was in surgery... only then I woke up, and no, I wasn't getting prepped to be sliced & diced, but it WAS 9:51 am. Right. Especially good when you're supposed to be to work by 9:30, and on Mondays it's just you & the woman who's been counting every minute you're late during the week & docking your paycheck accordingly (nevermind how often you stay late, that apparently has no bearing whatsoever on how long you're actually at work on a given day). PLus the weather isn't exactly inspiring warm fuzzy feelings, you know? And our office is an extension of the Alaskan Tundra. Also, I discovered that in my last post my entire review of stellastarr* from last weekend was missing over the weekend because I forgot on measly little quotation mark in my mark-up. bah. It's fixed now, go read how great they were ::grumble, grumble:: So basically, I'm miserable. But I really need to snap out of it, because tomorrow night is vicious, Wednesday is Vince's birthday bash, Thursday is Franz Ferdinand, Friday is the GoStation extravaganza, And Saturday is all my favorite ambients at the Mercury Lounge - so basically, I don't have time to be in a rotten mood. I've got to get my shit together & get on with it. ::sigh:: Well, at least I'll have the house to my self this weekend... that'll be nice.

I should say stuff about my weekend... um, it was fun. Audrey's birthday shindig at Greg's was good times, Prom was ridiculous in a really good way, Josh's birthday was adorable & involved eating more than any human should ever ingest in an afternoon. Blah, blah, tired cakes. I'll write something real about the events later, right now I want a nap, some advil, and that fucking mastectomy already.