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Okay, I'm sure I'm completely behind the times here, but did anyone know about THIS!!? I'm so excited I can barely breathe. Before Sunrise was one of my favorite films in high school - so this is just like a dream come true.... ::sigh:: Oh how we love Ethan Hawke.... even after he went & fucked up on Uma. We can't help it. He was Todd Anderson and ::swoon::, Troy Dyer - the god of our 90's idolatry.

Okay. Now that we have that out of our system, let's move on to Sunday & the great pilgrimage to Asbury Park...

So, the morning started far too early for my bleary-eyed self. I called Ash to see that she was on her way & then stumbled into the shower, taking out a pinky toe nail as I went (ow!). Threw on some clothes & drove all wet-headed to pick up Jed from the station and then swung by the bagel-deli for some coffee with an egg & cheese - only they CLOSE the grill at 12!! What kind of bullshit is that!? So, I made my own egg & cheese at the house while we waited on Ash, and I'd say we finally piled into the bug to be on our way around 1:30 or so. Then we got to talking, and all of a sudden I was on 80 on my way back to Morristown.
oops. we turned around, got back on track & got to the god-forsaken land of Asbury Park in time to catch all of Ambulance's set on their tiny, blue-tarp covered stage. The set was no where near on par with their Rothko performance... I think perhaps their sound doesn't translate well outdoors - it needs to get caught up in the corners of a venue, hang heavily in the air, slowly rising to float beneath the ceiling... that just can't happen on a tiny stage on the Jersey Shore. Plus the crowd was dead. Perhaps interested in who or what this band was, but certainly not fans, and not unlike myself - most of them looked tired, possibly hungover, and not excited about the threatening rainclouds looming above.

Once their set was over we slid over to the ADJOINING "Main Stage" and had no problems landing ourselves front and center (ok - a little left of center, tee hee, tee hee) for Stellastarr*. Now this is where the entire trip becomes worth our while (and our $30) Stellastarr rock out, we're three of maybe 15 people who know every song, we get to spaz out appropriately to the music AND we get to watch one of our favorite bands win over the misfits that make up the rest of their audience. So brilliant. No, seriously. They were such a force to be reckoned with by the second half of the show - I was completely amazed. Now mind you it was fairly chilly out there for a day at the beach, and it looked like the sky might open up at any moment. So we were all basically waiting to be drenched - the crowd, the band, everyone... and so there was this definite tension in the air for the first half of the set. But then, right before My CoCo, things started happening... the sky got a little brighter, we'd all been dancing about enough to actually start sweating in the chilly air - Arthur (trooper that he is) finally managed to lose his shirt, Michael ditched his jacket, Shawn found a new reserve of intensity from somewhere and just let loose, and the excitement was contagious. People who quite obviously had never seen even heard of the band before were whooping and hollering and dancing with delight.

After the set we milled about, questing for Pizza, relaxing on the boardwalk while listening to Dios. A note about dios... Audrey caught them at Coachella whilst I was face down in the shade tent and I remember her telling me how much she enjoyed them, well, now I'm kind of wishing I'd taken a little less of a nap that day ::sigh:: they're really pretty fantastic. We hung around & chatted up each ss* while checking out The French Kicks - whom, I hadn't ever seen live before, but who were playing Ambulance's ill-fated "blue-tarp-tent". They were kind of lack-luster, But the bubble machine on the roof of The Stone Pony that was blizzarding bubbles down on the crowd below, kind of made up for it.... it was the most surreal thing, these bubbles floating in and out of your conversations. I was assured that like Ambulance, French Kicks were also better seen in smaller, more enclosed spaces. Anyhow... we managed to catch a bit of My Morning Jacket and Jesse Malin's sets before we decided to forgo Sonic Youth and take off early with visions of cozy-ing up to watch tv dancing in our heads. Of course we might have reached our goals if we didn't get lost. AGAIN. I swear the bug was on Auto Pilot... it just kept trying to go back to Morristown. Then there was insane turnpike traffic, blah, blah we barely got home by 9:30. Ash & I set up her bed, watched highlights from Baz's R&J, and called it a night. Whew!

This week I declared that I wasn't going out at all, and that I wasn't smoking at all - in an attempt to quell this rigoddamndiculous cough. Well, I didn't go out - and I lasted about 36 hours without smoking - but have only had 5 total since then. So tonight, I'm back. First BBQ's & birthday wishes, then Lit, prolly around midnight.. Tomorrow night is P-R-O-M at Misshapes. I can't even wait. I bought the most atrocious 80's dress imaginable. It involves a navy blue lace overlay. 'nuff said. My lovely date Nora & I will are getting each other corsages, Greg has promised drink specials in honor of Audrey's birth... it's going to be off the hook.

Other stuff that happened this week:

I bought a ticket for Curiosa. And for those of you who keep asking ME (the girl with a c-a-r) how YOU(people who take public transportation) are supposed to get to Randall's Island: From Manhattan by Subway: Take the 4,5,6 trains to 125th. Exit at 125th and Lex. Walk one block to 124th and Lex. Take the M35 Bus to Randall's Island, get off at the stop under the bridge, Downing Stadium will be on your right. So, it's that, or be really nice to me & hope I'll jackass down to Brooklyn or Manhattan to pick up your non-driving asses in the bug.

I saw Harry Potter last night on the IMAX. :) SO good. Really need to get around to reading the rest of the series one of these days. YES, I'm a geek - we've been over this. Big kisses to my one and only sis for sitting through it again so I didn't have to go it alone. I looooove you Audra Lynn!!! ::mwah::!

I'm sure that something else of interest happened this week, but I'll be damned if I'm going to stick around work another minute longer on a Friday trying to figure out what it was.