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I think my body is revolting against the hours I've been keeping lately. It's more than that. I'm sure it's revolting. Staging a protest, if you will, against my "you're only young once" mantra. I've pretty much felt like shit since Friday - and I'm not even talking about the plague - which is nearing it's two week anniversary as we speak. In this new insurrection we find ourselves fatigued, lightheaded, spacey (yes, even moreso than usual) with persistent headaches & intermittent gurgly tummy. Now part of this HAS to be the atrocious food choices I made over the weekend - including my first exposure to fast food in MONTHS. And parts of it were likely hangover-induced, or the disastrous result of mixing cold medications... but there really was just this pervasive "ugh, I don't feel so hot" in the physical sense. I mean I was generally in good spirits, and really WANTED to be out & having fun - but i just felt off. Not that this at ALL detracted from my insane weekend:

Friday... was a terribly ridiculous day that I spent a good chunk of in the car in the city, drinking heavily caffeinated beverages and generally wanting to die. The part where I got to listen to listen to Benzos at work while kicking back on the couch was good. The part where my eyes were above and beyond hyper-sensitive to the sunlight was bad. Friday night involved a lovely family bbq that got moved inside on account of the fact that it dropped 10 degrees in 10 minutes. Post-dinner was the best part of my night. I got to curl up on the couch with my best boy ever & watch Snow White. I haven't seen that movie in YEARS. Reminded me of the time I went to the Disney store with Jess to buy the Giant dopey doll for Kris...or was it FOR Jess b/c of Kris? Eh. I was 16, I can't remember back that far. Also? Dopey is really funny. Seriously. Dennis Leary ain't got nothing on Soapy Dopey.

After I packed up my boo & sent him home, I headed on down to Rothko to see the Madison Strays & Ambulance LTD play. Let me say this. Remember when i said I loved Rothko? I lied. I love Rothko when it's about half full. Under no circumstances will I be attending any future "sold-out" events there in the future. It was bad enough during Madison Strays (who, btw, I find that I really actually like... only I think I'd appreciate a little more diversity from them. It seems to me that their hooks are very similar from one song to the next) but by the time ambulance went on the lace was ridiculous. We (we, meaning Amy, Peter, Nora, Danielle & I) squeezed ourselves off to the left in front of the railing around the staircase. That railing saved my life. No, really. Feeling pretty off to begin with, I was getting overheated very quickly just standing in the crowd. The ability to not have someone standing right behind me & really just to be able to turn around and breath actual cool air seeping up from the stair shaft kept me from passing out. That and the water I NEEDED by the seventh song of their set or so. I made a rather daring trip to the bar & actually managed to get back to our "spot" relatively unscathed. Before they went onstage a whole mess of twinkle lights that had been hung up in the back were flicked on eliciting both the appropriate "oohing and ahhhing" from the audience AND the next installment of my newest feature,
Quote of the night: "Awww, glittery lights for glittering guitars"
Ambulance were fantastic. I'm just so enamored of their melodic, ambient blend. Plus, it's always nice to be able to stare up at a whole band of pretty faces. Their having a keyboard again is a good thing. So is their not being the opening band for Stellastarr*. Here are two bands that I love, with two completely different sounds that really aren't complimentary. You're in the mood for one or the other. And if you're in the mood for Stellastarr*, Ambulance is just going to make you antsy. I'm totally going to break down now and buy the album - I have no more excuses.

We got out of there post-haste after their set, and their "we were going to try to get off the stage and come back, but wading through all you sweaty people is not looking like the most appetizing option, so I think we'll just stay here and pretend like we left the stage" encore. We dispersed ourselves to the other side of the street for a smoke, amassed an unreasonable amount of Gummi Worms (courtesy of the 2004 MTV Movie Awards), and decided to accompany Peter to a birthday shindig over on Avenue A at a really cute little Irish place that reminded me of every bar we've ever taken over at home. I met a girl who was seriously the spitting image of a Sweet Valley Twin. And while we were there I got chatted up by an absolutely adorable Australian gent, whom I really would have loved to spend more time with - but seriously, sometimes sheer exhaustion outweighs the allure of even a handsome accent and a super slick pick up line, "so, you look like Lindsay Lohan then, don't you." lol. yeah. In general I find her rather cheesy - with the orange fake & bake glow, way-too-blunt bangs and a wardrobe that screams "please be able to distinguish me from the hordes of up&coming Tween-Starlets". But seeing as she's set a good portion of the male population drooling (per Uncle Grambo) - I'd say there are worse people to be unrealistically compared to.

Ummmn. The rest of my weekend is too long to get into right now. More later on my most surreal Misshapes EVER, and Sunday's private concert with Stellastarr*.

OH. One more thing... who wants to take me to see Harry Potter this week? I feel like everybody I know who's geeky enough to see it went and saw it already... WITHOUT me :(


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Jun. 7th, 2004 08:11 pm (UTC)
I was not only geeky enough to see Harry Potter, I was geeky enough to get a ticket to the FIRST showing on the FIRST day (Friday). It was me and a bunch of little kids in the theater at 10 o'clock in the morning.
Jun. 7th, 2004 11:18 pm (UTC)
when i went it was actually ALL geeky adults in the theater.. for a 7:30 show. i thought this was kind of weird. i didn't know you liked hp though or i would have invited you! you could have met my exboyfriend... since he CAME WITH US. blaaaaaah. - nora
Jun. 8th, 2004 06:07 am (UTC)
Hey, I'll go...IM me!

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