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i will wait 'til your eyes are on me...


Benzos are SO good - they make me want to cry. Of course I don't, because I'm not a girly-man *cough, cough* but they make me want to. Also, they have the most cute boys in one band this side of n'sync.

The Delancey kicks ass. Only that rooftop lounge really needs to be open ALL night, and they could use a little more A/C in the basement - which is just adorable. It totally has that smell, you know... like your high school weight room with a fresh coat of paint? But it's ok because once you're in the space you instantly feel like you're back in school checking out a friend's band in that one cool basement that had a built in bar and a disco ball.

Explain to me please how this little white indie-lovin girl from the burbs managed to get picked up by the ONLY decidedly ethnic, 35 year old "original b-boy" at the club last night? Yeah. Kinda left me scratching my head too. Better than that - I got picked up with a, wait for it... READY MADE NOTE!!! He just whipped it out of his pocket with his name, home number all scrawled out in graffiti styled block letters. ::sigh:: Someone needs to teach me how to give out fake phone numbers. And how to realize when someone is hitting on you BEFORE you give them your number. And also to not to talk to strangers.

The magic mirror saw Giulia, Amy, Peter, Jed, Scott, Sarah, Jacob, Nicole, Nora& Brit Boy out last night. Of course we saw other people too, like the Plus 1 peeps... but they don't know us really, and so we think it would be creepy to talk about them.

Quote of the night: "I love watching the ridiculously over-dressed girls. Not like I should talk since I definitely get dressed up sometimes, but I'd like to think I'd have a better reason than the Plus One Party on a Thursday night."

There are certain people who are SO beautiful - it actually hurts to look at them. It might hurt more, however, to see that they realize this. And so do their bevy of admirers. But i think it hurts the worst to know all of this & STILL be enchanted enough to want to kiss said people, especially when Gin is involved.

Inspired by Lindsay's post yesterday where she linked to her now infamous People I've Kissed piece, I sat down yesterday & very meticulously figured out all of people I've ever kissed. Now, Lindsay posted hers last year and had something like 18 kisses? Egads!! Please someone tell me she's years and years younger than me? Having had my first kiss in 1991, I have managed smack lips with 60 people in the 13 years that have followed. SIXTY. Jesus! I'm just glad I usually ended up in drunken hook-ups with the same 5 or 6 guys through out most of my college & post college career... lol, leave it to the Eastchester Boys to keep my numbers in a less-than- astronomical margin. Thanks guys ;) I think later I'l try to provide a basic demographic study of my kisses as well - just to rip her off entirely. Heh. This list is so much fun - perfect fodder for a nostalgia junkie, eh?

Also? No one told me about THIS and I almost missed it!! For the love of Pete people... venues that are under two hours away are not too far for people with CARS. I have a ticket. I'm organizing a field trip. So far I have Jed & Ashley... Nora is waiting to find out if the British Boy can change his plane ticket & I'm working on Giulia - but no worries folks, I'll have her arm twisted into going by the end of the night. I mean come ON. It's Stellastarr* - on the BEACH. With Ambulance and French Kicks (finally!!) and SONIC YOUTH for crying out loud!

Speaking of Ambulance... I'll be at Rothko to see them tonight.
Tomorrow is PJ at Pianos followed by Misshapes.
Sunday is - well, duh, the field trip to Dirty Jersey.

right. the plague is really going to go away this weekend. Oh well. Health is for suckers anyways.

And some final thoughts...

* when things of little to no value are missing from your car, remember to check the sneaky sibling with a spare key
* sitting in rush hour traffic is definitely NOT the best way to nurse a hangover.
* being in the city on a weekday morning is kind of trippy.
* it's a really good thing my boss likes me and has a sense of humor
* "thru-streets" are the worst idea EVER
* it's fun to surprise people at their work in Manhattan when they're thinking you're in westchester
* surprising them would probably work better if you were actually on the sidewalk when they came downstairs


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Jun. 4th, 2004 03:57 pm (UTC)
I made quote of the night! I made quote of the night! woo-HOOOO!
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