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Polly Jean Polly Jean Polly Jean


thankyouthankyouthankyou to Vince and Jill for making this a reality for me

That girl just rocks my socks. There are really just no words to describe what it was like to stand less than 20 feet from her in such a tiny little place like the Knit. - I mean, it was so great, I can't even be jealous of Jason for standing in the front row.

First noteworthy item... Steve snuck into PJ!!!! lol. Outside the venue yesterday Audrey, Dennis, Vince, Melissa & I were lamenting Steve's lack of a ticket - but then Vince made the "Steve is ultra slick comment" and I chimed in, "just wait and see... you'll be inside and turn your head and there will be Steve! He's just good like that". And then we went inside, and Steve used his Mary Lou Lord ticket to get in the door and we all filed into the Main room, and then met up at the bar when all of a sudden, we turn our heads and STEVE!!! Genius that he is he smudged out the "tap" part of his stamp so it looked like it could have said "Main" and then walked right past the door guys as they were ogling some sweet young things. YAY!! I just don't think the evening would have been the same with out him. Rock on Steve - slickest trickster on the right coast :)

Second item of note... There was a very reliable source that reported having witnessed one of the ticketless masses outside paying, wait for it, $800 CASH for a ticket to the show. ?!?!?!?!?! For the love of all that is good and holy - I ::heart:: PJ and all, but, ooofa - what I could do with $800...

Third item of note... I will marry Josh Klinghoffer and have his rockstar babies. I was unable to tear my eyes away from PJ last night for the first 2 songs at least, but eventually I just had to look & find the creature that was making such beautiful sound on the guitar... O. M. G. He was simply enchanting. So beautiful, so intense, so talented. and THEN? He proceeded to give away his guitar to one of the techies and SIT DOWN AT THE KIT. Oh yes, I almost fainted. Must find him. Must marry him. Must have his rockstar babies.

Also, many apologies to anyone I soaked when I dropped my beer in the hand-clapping incident.


"Uh Huh Her"
"Meet Ze Monsta"
"The Letter"
"Big Exit"
"Who the F***?"
"A Perfect Day Elise"
"Plants and Rags"
"Good Fortune"
"Down by the Water"
"Cat on the Wall"
"The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore"

Encore one:
"You Come Through"
"City of No Sun"

Encore two:
"There Will Never be a Better Time"
"To Bring You My Love"

Highlights for Jocelyn = Taut, Good Fortune, Who The Fuck, To Bring You My Love

In barely relatd news:

KROCK played The Killers last night!!! I had a complete meltdown when I heard Somebody Told Me come pumping out of my car stereo. Just you wait - they're going to take over the world. Them and Franz Ferdinand - who, if you can even believe it, currently have the 5th most played song on Krock with Take Me Out.

I was going to go see Sarah spin at The Delancy for the Vice Party last night. Only I couldn't find anyone to go with me & then the sheer absurdity of my sick-ass self staying out later than I needed to hit me & I went home. And um, sorry to everyone I texted in a frenzy looking for people to party with, lol.


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Jun. 4th, 2004 01:35 pm (UTC)
Goddamn, I'm so fucking jealous. That sounds incredible. And Good Fortune happens to be a meaningful song between sarah and me.
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