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you should learn how to say no...


I battled traffic & the plague and went to the rehearsal dinner anyways.

The bartender at the hotel refused to let me pay for any of the 5 ridiculously strong G&T's he made me.

I ended up crashing in my friend's brother's room on Friday - which could have been awkward considering we haven't seen each other in years AND we were the only two singles at the wedding... but wasn't that way at all.

I went to two wrong churches & two wrong weddings before I found the one I was supposed to be at.

I was the ONLY single girl at the wedding, but luckily they made anyone who wasn't actually married yet go up for the bouquet, which - THANK CHRIST - I didn't catch.

I did the chicken dance.

I got hit on my the groom's drunken, 40-year-old ex-Lacrosse Coach.

I snuck out of the hotel at 1 am and drove to Misshapes to surprise Audrey & Nora.

I danced my ass off in a cocktail dress, flip flops & pearls.

I celebrated the official end of boy-ban by kissing a boy.

I made it back to Jersey & was in bed by 5.

I was back in the west village by 12:30 - ran a couple errands, stopped by Urban Outfitters to see Audrey spin at the store (very surreal) and did a wee bit of shopping.

Just got home & am SO ready for a nap.

Gonna be at Motherfucker (& maybe Trash?) tonight, and Sarah's tomorrow.

Technically, I should be dead by Tuesday.

More & better stories later - this is about all my brain can handle at the moment.


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May. 30th, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)
you rock baybeh. *muah*
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