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all the WHITE HORSES have gone ahead.. ..

I tell you that I'll always want you near you say that things change my dear...

right, so where were we? oh yes... I was whining about being stricken with the plague & rambling on about PJ Harvey & K & the whatnot... Well, truth be told I started feeling much better by the afternoon (yay drugs) and then I had a very sobering conversation with a friend whom I adore who's going through a bit of a rough patch – really fucked up things happen in this world for no good reason & it makes you feel like a schmuck for carrying on about the little things, you know?

I went home, took a nice nap, watched some Coyote Ugly [sidebar: I haven't seen that movie in a few years, I never noticed that the venue she finally plays a "songwriter's showcase" at is supposed to be the Bowery – and is so NOT the Bowery... I mean, given the whole thing is filmed in Not York, but c'mon!! Why go ahead & use a well-known venue and then NOT USE said venue? Why not just make up some sort of fake club name - why give the Bowery a giant neon sign!!? ::Sigh:: Hollywood ::much ado about head shaking::] then a little bit of Honey (I know... you'd think I was a horny teenage boy with a box of tissues, right?)

Then I was thinking about turning in – you know... a little more sleep to nurse me back to health in time for the wedding? First, though, I had to go and move the car off the street for the night. Only, I end up driving around aimlessly as I'm wont to do on the odd Westchester-bound night... singing along to the radio, doing the self-reflective thing wherein my brain reverts to it's circular logic – the euj. Then a momentary lapse in the music & I hear Winter singing out to me from my bag... eh? who in the hell is sending me messages this late on a Thursday? oh. OH. hmmn... It's a moment of truth – I know full well that driving down to the city is going to completely fuck me as far as the Rehearsal is concerned... but you know what? At that moment I didn't care. My insatiable curiosity got the best of me & I hopped on the highway. Before you know it I was strolling into Dymphna's to be greeted by Nora & Nicole (With BritBoy in tow) and the ENTIRE GoStation!

Mmmn. Bass is the best way to cure a cold, right? Lol.

Brit Boy starts talking and I ask Nora if we can keep him just so he'll come out and I can sit and listen to his voice for hours. ::sigh:: Good Goddamn, British accents are lethal. Hmmn. Wonder what Kieran is up to these days? wow. I should really find out... haven't thought about him in forever. Mmmmn... yummy Irish goodness, oh, and with that wicked grin of his. yes. definitely find out what Kieran's up to these days. It's one of those rare nights where you look around at your company, sip your beer, and smile because you just feel overwhelmingly happy to be exactly where you are at exactly that moment. And for a little while, that feeling just encompasses me, and I'm not worried about the wedding or the plague or what I'm doing with my life. On the pull takes off for The Bravery's after-party, and I'm having a smoke outside, huddled under the over hang with the boys and we're laughing, telling stories, talking about life and love, and following your dreams – and in a very surreal way, I feel like I'm home. Like I was out with Jiker or Ultravenus or something.. .. and really? How often do I get to say that? So I got home at 3 AM, so I missed an opportunity to clear up the rest of this nagging cough, so I may very well not make it to Jersey tonight... you know what? I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Good times folks. Good times.