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Who will bring me back to the world again?

another random update:

first let me say that I certainly should not be operating heavy machinery at the moment... I feelin a lot better right now, but it's b/c I'm feeling the no pain. Yay for drugs.

Now let me say this... which I can officially talk about now since it's sold out anyhow. PJ Harvey is playing a secret show at The Knit next week. I am the proud owner of a ticket to this show. Turns out that buying tickets to the OTHER show that night, namely Mary Lou Lord - is not the way to see Polly Jean, but I've got me one of those too... oh well, $10 I'll not see again. God bless Jilly Bean for hauling her ass down to the box office today to get us tix ::beijos:: darlin - I totally owe you one.

Now, when it comes to PJ, it is safe to say I am not the hugest fan. You can even say I strongly resisted listening to her for many many years for no good reason... There is, however, one person I know who worships her (or at least used to) - and he's quite possibly the reason I didn't listen to her for so long, namely, K. Now, for those of you who have following along at home with the saga of J&K, you might recall that we're currently avoiding interaction again. Or rather, that I was once again asked to cease & desist all communication efforts... and probably for good reason - we're not very good at being friends, blah, blah, ghost of relationship's past cakes. However... every now and then one of us will break the rules & start talking to the other. Yesterday it was me. I emailed him about PJ, he emailed back a thanks but no thanks kind of thing. Of course it's email which is notoriously devoid of tone, but it felt cold to me, I don't know... maybe I was just expecting a much bigger reaction to my offering up this opportunity to him? Maybe he just isn't as in to her anymore, maybe he has actual plans that night. Bah. Who knows. It's bizarre to have these open ended conversations with him in my head it's bizarre that I keep using the word bizarre lately - where the hell did that come from? And I suppose there's something a little twisted in the idea that he knows that I know he reads this and that I post in his direction every so often. There's something a little twisted in the idea that you can get seriously high off of Tussin & generic allergy meds - i can't believe I'm about to drive home like this!! Uh, right. I don't know where I was going with this. Please forgive the plague-ridden girl for taking up your precious time with her rantings about an ancient relationship.

oh, and k? Sorry to hear the band broke up.

heh. it's nice to actually use this like a journal again...

more straight posts later.



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May. 30th, 2004 09:05 pm (UTC)
Glad I didn't buy a Mary Lou Lord ticket then. ;) Would have loved to see an intimate Polly Jean show, although I'm not sure where "huge fan" and "worhships her" came from. I maybe own 3 of her disks. But I digress. Sorry you felt the email was cold. Wasn't the intention, just for "piece of mind". Enjoy the show, sounds like it will be a blast. Thanks for the band condolences. Pretty sad fucked up thing, actually.
May. 31st, 2004 10:19 am (UTC)
hey hey!
Seriously don't mind that post. I was just having a weird kind of day.

It's funny what things stick in your head... I probably only remember you liking her so much because I didn't follow her at all, you know? I just always associated her with you... well, you & Jill. And then later Steve, Audrey & Vince...

Band break-ups can be worse than ones of the relationship variety... I hope you find another group to play with, though I know it can be hard to find people you mesh with and who want to create the same kind of sound that you're into.
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