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Temporary Title

"Making destructive choices gives you a really good excuse when you fail."

oh GTBF... he's killing me softly with his song. I could have written that, in fact, I'm sure I've written very many similar things. It's certainly a thought that puts it self in circulation ever so often in my head. oh boy. I really did want to expound on this for a while, but I cna't. I can't think straight today, I'm all kinds of miserable & out of it. GTBF isn't the only one with plague. Dman. And I didn't even get the godforsaken thing by making out with anyone. ::sigh:: so unfair.

And I have plans! So many plans! I'm supposed to go see The Bravery tonight & enjoy free drinks someplace and meet British boys that Nora is flying in from "the England" (tm, doug gostation), and tomorrow I'm supposed to leave work early & take metro-north to the shuttle to timesquare to the subway to penn to nj transit to morristown to the hotel to Dyana & Sean's rehearsal dinner (still going to be faster than attempting to drive anywhere tomorrow). Goddamnit! Why do I have to be deathly ill? I have the wedding & motherfucker & bbq's to go to - I can't be jack-assing around coughing up the black pleghm of death. And the coughing? Is relatively painful. and it's possible that I'm breaking blood vessels while I'm doing it - either that or my tonsils are bleeding, because I'm tasting blood here people... I'm telling you, PLAGUE.

Now that you're sufficiently grossed out... let me attempt to recap tuesday night for you...

ALF were so much fun, as per euj - and seriously, where is their full length cd ? I really need to have more than the ep at this point... I may very well have seen them more than any other band at this point - kind of an accident, but a happy one! But Tuesday, there was something different about them.....Yea Gods! Wade isn't wearing sunglasses on stage!!! I didn't know quite how to handle that, I mean, there he was - singing, and actually LOOKING at people!! Making real live eye contact! It was utterly bizarre and Giulia & I had an entire freak-out about it after their set.

After ALF it was time for a little game I like to call, "Bring on the Betas". I'm not up to describing them in detail yet, but one boy who knew I was going to be there sussed me out & we had some lovely sidewalk conversation, another boy who I knew was going to be there totally remembered me from our introduction on Saturday night and so we chatted for a while too, and then there's our perrenial favorite and a total surprise for the evening... our rockstar crush was in attendance!!! And we stood next to him during most of Asobi Seksu's set, and after the set he talked to us again AND dare i say... he flirted with us!? Accused us of giving him the "cold shoulder"!!! omg. I can't even breathe when I think about it.

Now despite the distraction of the rockstar variety... we played fairly close attention to Asobi Seksu because they're SO BEST!!! Yuki's vocals were tragically low for the first few songs, but hotdamn! I really adore them. And I need that album. And I love that their 1982 - song has the riff from Bangles' In Your Room And Yuki may very well be THE cutest thing on the planet.

um, that's it for now. There's been a little more drama and a little more of my tasting my toes as of late... but right now all I can think about is soup.