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Friday, ah Friday...

started out with what was supposed to be dinner with the girls (Audrey, Giulia, and Laura slash-temp) the FDR made other arrangements for me... namely, dessert with the girls. Regardless, there was plenty of time for some good old-fashioned girl talk, and for Laura to bring the "mean" and create an evening of hate. Then we became pre-pubescent boys and filled out the comments card with words like "radical" and "awesomeness". Good times folks, good times.

From dinner we made our way SUPER early over to the Bowery. We ran into some peeps we knew, grabbed a little couch time
(quick sidebar: how many people do you think have made out and /or had sex on the couches at the Bowery? And when do you think was the last time they cleaned those couches? Mmmn, yeah. That's what we thought too. Not that I'll stop posturing for a seat whenever I'm down there, but at least I know to have the proper heebeegeebee's afterwards...)
and then made our way upstairs for ROHS to open the evening. They were fantastic. In fact, I'm thinking they should have had the primary opening slot & I know I'm not the only one who thought that. It's always a little strange to see a band you've seen only at the teeniest of venues take the Bowery stage for the first time. You're never quite sure they can fill up the stage - but the Robbers did just fine. To see them playing up there you'd have thought it was old hat to them.

Over the next hour and a half or so, I tried to scheme a way for me to leave the Bowery without jeopardizing my ability to walk back in for the Fever. I was trying to get over to Bobby & John & ma' boys on 19th & 7th - but I just could seem to find a solution that would guarantee my re-entry, so I stayed put in the lounge with Audrey & the charming Vivian, eventually running into Steve, Brett & Doug GoStation. At some point I went outside & ran into Jason Productshop. When I told him that peeps were looking for him, he scurried on in leaving me to finally meet & talk a little blog-shop with Mr. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone. Rob says I should take the journal public - not that he's read it mind you, but apparently he's all for full disclosure nonetheless. So, he's a sweetheart, and real easy to spot in a crowd, and I can't believe I never wound up talking to him before tonight.

Eventually, The Fever took the stage & rocked out the entire album in order (save the insertion of Ladyfingers somewhere around the 4th song or so). Sadly, there was no Glamorous Life, but I ::heart:: the fever anyways. Amidst the sea of chanting / dancing / head bobbing fans, I found Ms. Jinners - who btw, has posted a much better review of the evening than I could ever dream of since I, as Doug pointed out on Thursday, have NOT in fact been to RAWK School. Once the Fever finished off their album the fans clamored for more & they were quite happy to oblige us with an amped-up performance of Emergency - which, can somebody tell me why that ISN'T on the album? 'cause really? It's one of their best. Post-fever, there was a looooot of milling about, and a bit of the arm twisting before we finally melded into a group to walk over to Rothko for the after party.

Rothko was packed. Sardine-Can packed. I lost the entire group whilst elbowing my way towards the bar. There were free Sparks Alcohol-Energy Drinks, but having never felt so awful in my entire life as I did the last time I pounded RedBull&Vodkas, I decided to skip the Guarana & go with an Amstel. It took me 20 minutes to get said Amstel. Some band called "diamond" started playing. They weren't half bad, but I was still in a panic to find anyone I knew...by the grace of G*d (& the fine folks at TMobile) I found Nora, Danielle & Nicole - but just long enough to discover that the line for the bathroom was half a mile long. Having taken maybe 5 sips of my beer, I needed out. I hid the beer, escaped outside & ran smack into Jason, Doug, Brett & Steve. Apparently they walked in & straight back out - I think Jason took a detour that involved another bar... he was going to make another go at the insanity inside, so I told him where to find the hidden beer & took off walking back to the cars with the boys. Brett & I scolded Steve & Doug for not being hip to the hotness that is the OC, and then proceeded to have an incredibly in-depth conversation about the show and about how BEST having the job of sound tracking our favorite guilty pleasure would be. Doug and I then had a whole thing about Liz Phair & the art of selling-out, and I discovered that he's quite the Toriphile - also that Tori's first single was basically a PSA / jingle for the city of Baltimore.

Fantabulous evening. I got home around 4-ish & slept until it was time to get up & start preparing for the Graduation party.

Saturday & Sunday shall be forthcoming - as well as a few musings on the weekend.