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A. It looks like I'll be going to the wedding on my own after all. Bobby officially bailed & boyD can't give me more than 50/50 odds that he'll be in the country and I have to give Dyana a definitive answer tonight, so... unless someone else really wants to go & tells me in the next hour or so, I'll be that poor little single girl surrounded by the girls with ::bling::. lol. it will be fine. we'll drink, we'll dance, I'll have the hotel room to myself - it'll be loverly.

2. In my blog travels today I cam across this tasty tidbit from Best Week Ever. Bwhahahahaha. I'm sorry - I realize that this may not be half as amusing to anyone else as it is to me, but if you could possibly comprehend how much time I've spent in the bug this week you'd realize how entirely over-sexed I must be and how hysterical a notion that is for my current nun-like status.

D. Speaking of my nun-like status. Lets take a look back over Boy-Ban '04 and see how things are going? With exactly 8 days left to go... I have kissed exactly ONE person - and she doesn't even count, having been a she in the first place. I'm sorry to report that I lost my partner in boy-sobriety this past week, but I give her mad props for sticking it out as long as she did. Besides, she gave up the 'cause for the best reason possible - he said they were "relationshipping" ::swoon::. So a little over a week to go - I can't foresee my having any problems in the home stretch, it should be interesting to see how long I keep to the ban once it's over... to be perfectly honest I haven't even wanted to kiss anyone lately, so I suppose that's made everything a little easier on me. Then again, that Sunday night will be Motherfucker - and well, if you can't find someone to make out with there, then you're just not trying.

5. Mapquest sucks BALLS and ought to be digitally shredded. In related news... there is NO way to Brooklyn via the left lane of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, and people who commute to Long Island via car on a daily basis ought to be shot. Take the fucking train.

G. I will be at the Fever tonight. I will then likely be found at Rothko... although it's possibly that I'll ditch out to go play with the boys (John McNally is fucking HOME from Iraq - how do you like THEM apples!!?).

8. Former Frat-boy stockbrokers who are too drunk to realize that the rest of their kind have fled the bar in fear of the dreaded indie crowd will, in fact, BOO at you when you inch away from them as they try to dance up on you. They will do this despite the fact that they have managed to stomp on your feet and slosh half their beer on you while trying to get you to dance. Their friends will then excuse their behavior by saying, "I think he got a really big promotion today... or something".

J. just a reminder to those of you who might think that you're checking my site anonymously: if you're checking from work, and I know where you work, chances are... you're not so anonymous. And checking six times, inside of 5 minutes? Is just weird.

That's all for now... I promise more proper updates soon enough.