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Let me take a little more off your mind...

...we were just a good thing

Okay. Alpha check.

Boy2 - called me last week, one might assume it was a business call - but I really have no idea. I happened to be on the other line when he called, so I asked if I could call him back (and believe me, a huge part of me was just giddy about the fact that for once I wasn't dropping everything to talk to the boy) Only, I ended up with voice mail when I called back & haven't heard from him since, so , um, I guess we'll see what it's about at some future point? I mean he could have just been drunk - he does that every now & then, call me randomly when he's drinking... not exactly a booty call, since as you may recall the universe was keeping us apart for so long, but just a little drunken dialing fun.

boyD - it's funny. His knowing about the journal & how I crushed on him seems to be making us better friends. How bizarro-world is that? Also? There's a very good chance that I'm going to ask him to the wedding. Possibly tonight. I think Bobby's bailing on me big time, so I'm going to need a stand in, and I think BoyD would make an outstanding date. I mean, he cleans up well, is a charming conversationalist, doesn't object to dancing... really what more could a girl ask for at a wedding? Plus, he'd be local to the wedding locale, and his being a republican will go over well with the majority of our table. So, as long as he's willing to actually sit through the church bit, it would be lovely to have him. Only that will require asking him - which I'm simultaneously nervous & completely nonchalant about doing. On the one hand, I feel like if he doesn't want to go (or really can't) he'll have an excuse at the ready & that will be that. And if he does want to go - well, yay. On the other hand I worry about him reading too much into the invitation... but you know what? Does it really matter? He's better than most at pretending awkward conversations never existed, and so I predict that everything will be fine. Only now I need to go find a new dress - or have one of my existing ones altered...

Boy5 - I know I've seen him post-coachella, but for the life of me I can't remember where... oh oh oh - he was at Rothko last Wednesday. Yeah, I think I find it easier to talk with him than just about anyone else I know. I was noticing that on Wednesday. He's such a sweetheart, but when it comes down to it, I think the reason I can talk to him so easily is that I'm not worried about how I look or sound to him - ie, I'm not worried about whether or not he's into me, because I don't think about him that way. We should definitely hang out more though, I always love hearing what he has to say about things.

BoyG - I don't talk about him much anymore, and in general I try not to think about him much anymore - which is something of a tall request considering I probably see him more often than the others combined. Let's just say he's a sweet boy whose company I enjoy, but oh! the drama of it all you know? Not that I regularly shun the drama either, but seriously never a dull moment with this one.

Boy8 - went away & apparently came back, but I haven;t seen hide nor hair of him & I honestly can't say that I care one way or the other. He's a nice enough guy, I have nothing against him, but I'm not dying to hang out either.

Other fun stuff:

I'm back in full-on Rock Journalist mode. tee hee. I'll be interviewing various members of The GoStation this week for the next issue of SitandSpin Magazine. Let's see if I get another Colt 45 out of the deal, shall we? I'm actually a little excited to be doing it again, I have a nice head start on questions & a pretty good picture in mind of how I'd like to structure the article... but does anybody have any questions they'd like answered? Here's your big chance... email me (or reply here if you like) & I'll slip your question into my inquisition.

Tonight is my brother's birthday... so we'll see if I miss my first Vicious or not. I'd really like to make it, as it's the last Sin-e based night, as the party will be moving on to Rothko in the future. But the group I'd most like to see, Elkland (of the extreme technical difficulties at Tiswas a few weeks back... remember? they played with WLM?) is going on at 8, so my getting there in time to see them is highly unlikely... but who knows, I may still stop down later.

Thinking about going to the Fever on Friday night... I probably ought to get a ticket before it sells out... you think?

Oh, also, welcome to my smattering of new readers, including:
"Unidentified Person from Australia" ,
"Person from Boston Who's NOT Ashley or Jelena"
"Possible School Teacher Person"

I'm flattered that you've been suckered in to sticking around ;)