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do a little living in the rain...

oh dear. pull up a chair and get comfy... it's time for another ridiculously long weekend update. Let's pretend that the weekend started on Wednesday night with UNISON at Rothko. As promised, I brought Audra & she in turn, brought her friend David – who is great fun & whom I hadn't seen in years. We partied 2 for 1 drinks style with the likes of Audrey, Dennis, Sarah, Lindsay, Nora, Nicole, Scott, Doug & Matt GoStation, Amy, Scott, Leigh & Greg. When Dennis said he was gonna play the hits, he wasn't kidding... so much fun, SO much dancing, and hello? Raspberry Kamikaze shooters? Where have you been all my life!? We danced and smoked and sang, there were people trading shoes on the sidewalk & apparently some shenanigans going on in the downstairs lounge *cough, cough*. Good times people. Good times.

Thursday – I fell asleep early & woke up in time to see the series finale of Frasier *yawn*.

Friday... there was no Rock & Rollerskate for me. I wasn't up to exerting that kind of energy. I was up, however, to staring at the nearly naked & ridiculously sculpted bodies of Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom. Hello Troy! Better than a trip to Chippendales any day of the week... sadly, not good for much else besides the sweaty, dirty, occasionally bloody, eye candy. I can't see David Benioff getting too much work thrown his way after this fiasco... there really are some nice moments in the film, but in general the dialogue is just baaaaaaaaad – like George Lucas Episode II bad. And it takes the considerable acting chops of people like Peter O'Toole and Sean Bean to keep their characters from becoming (and heaven help me for saying so, b/c you all know I love him & still want to have his elf babies)laughing stocks or parodies.
I could go on at length about my accidental tour of Brooklyn & Queens later that evening, but let's just say I got home around 3.

Saturday... back down to the west village by 9 am for my first haircut in almost a year. (I know, I know... don't worry my fabulous hairdresser Logan gently chided me enough about it for the lot of you) He said he was taking 3-4 inches... he took 6. At least. There were heart palpitations and screaming thoughts of "I have no hair!!!!". But this subsided as I relaxed into it (ok - and possibly because a bajillion people said they loved it). New Hair in tact I went searching for the new Bloomingdales (and a parking spot) in Soho. I found it, but unfortunately, they don't carry home goods – so, so much for that registry idea. Over to the East Village to look at a teeny & overpriced apartment with Miss. M. Then the slooooow crawl to the H&M in Midtown, where I purchased two belts & a pink halter top that I most like will have to return as I cannot wear it properly with or without a bra. Having seen what I thought might be the most perfect pink pumps in the window of Aldo whilst circling for H&M parking, I popped in & yes, they were perfect & pointy & pink – so I bought them. Then 10 blocks north to Michael C. Fina to pick up a lovely (and surprising affordable Kate Spade Library Strip Bowl for Courtney's Shower on Sunday. Thought I would race home, but instead crawled, first to the FDR entrance, then on the FDR, then past the stupid game traffic on 87 by the Stadium. Got home in time to formulate a plan "B" outfit for Dyana's bachelorette (which of COURSE included my favorite new shoes) & race over to Tara's to meet the van that was taking us (back down) to Tribeca for dinner. Dinner was fantastic – really great Spanish restaurant whose name is escaping me at the moment, but I'll definitely post it later. The Sangria was excellent – and three glasses in or so I was nicely buzzing & giggling & having a lovely time with the girls. About 9:45 I left the ladies to head over to Tiswas – promising that I'd meet them around midnight at Automatic Slims.

Only... when I GOT to Tiswas, things were running more than a bit behind. Turns out my baby boys weren't going on until closer to 11, and everybody's favorite second-coming-of-brit-pop band wouldn't start until midnight. Oh, I really should have known... so I tried to intercept the girls & find out where their first stop of the evening would be, as I had about an hour to kill – but instead I stood around outside Don Hills just talking smack & absorbing my fair share of nicotine with The GoStation. I got to meet Matt's mom, who had flown up from Miami just to see the show... she was the cutest thing, and so incredibly proud of her son. (c'mon y'all, get your awwwwwwww in, you know you want to). Then there was a good half hour of being good naturedly harassed by the boys of Surefire. You know, it was kind of like my very own episode of "Meet The Parents" – as I also was introduced to Justin's and I think Ben's? Oh and a special thanks to Nick for assaulting me in the phone booth - I think of you every time I touch the giant bruise on my elbow. :oP He did try to make up for it later by finding the most bizarre way ever to protect me from the rain... heh. Oh man, I am far too old to be hanging out with these boys – they're all too sweet & too cute and I swear to god I'm headed for hell. or prison. or both.

Riiiight. So then Nora & Danielle finally showed up just about when the freakish downpour started so we fled inside & started with the G&T's. Yay alcohol. More peeps showed up like Audrey & Dennis, Nicole & Eric, Vince & Melissa, Steve, and a bunch of other folks I recognized from previous GoStation / Surefire events... oh, Mischa Barton's sister was back again – she must have a thing for one of the Surefire boys... wonder if any of them have managed to talk to her yet? Anyhow. Surefire put on another fantastic show, the OC girls danced, the other groupies bobbed along, Nora & I sang back up from the our spot on the left & Matt video taped the whole shebang. Mid-set, Arthur SS* walked in much to the delight of various GoSationers, and Michael wasn't far behind him ::swoon:: Lots of congratulatory hugs afterwards for the baby boys, more G&T's (hey – I even managed a buy-back from the large & somewhat surly looking beertender) more fabulous djing from Nick Marc, dancing, attempting to smoke outside without getting soaked... and then, ladies and gentlemen, The GoStation. Probably the best I've ever seen them. I danced & bounced & sang along, I jumped & clapped & screamed my head off. They were "on", they were tight, they were brilliant. I was so thrilled for them that the show went that well. A little while later I was grabbing a smoke outside, kind of in close proximity to Michael SS* & what do you know? He turned to me & said, "hey... how are you?" no fucking way... he recognizes me!! haha! omg, omg, okay – talk to him and I did, and we did, for a really long time (well really long for being out in the rain - like 10 minutes maybe?) and we talked about Coachella, and the not-a-pool-not-a hot-tub at their condo & about my awful 6 hour drive to the desert and OH my GOD, what can I say? the boy is completely sweet and normal & talking to him gives me butterflies. ::sigh::

I tried to go meet the girls somewhere around then – it was nearing 1:30 & I hopped in a cab, only about two blocks from Don Hills Tara called to say they were on their way home – argh! So I made the cabbie pull over & I walked back down to Tiswas, much to the amazement of my friends & spent another hour or so chatting, & dancing & drinking. A recent memory of the evening assures me that I definitely saw Doug GoStation DANCING. I think I wished Arthur SS* a happy birthday, lol. I know I lost an earring during FF... I looked & looked, but then gave up on it. Lucky for me Steve kept looking, as he found it five minutes later. How great is Steve? So great that he offered to drive me home since he knew I was stranded w/o the bachelorettes, so great that when Justin wanted a ride but was too shy to ask & I asked for him, he agreed to take him home too. Yep. So best evs.

I won't get into how I tried to break into my apartment b/c I didn't have keys – or how I finally managed to get in to the apt... or how I was convinced I'd sleep for a year & instead woke up nearly every half hour after 8 am until it was time to pull my shit together for Courtney's shower. I made my way over to Bronxville proper in my "ladies luncheon" best to arrive, fashionably late as usual, to the shower. It was so good to see Courtney – really I almost forgot how much fun she is. And I hadn't seen Betsy in forever either, so it was good to play catch up with her too – and Court's friend Micki was just hysterical – she'll be a blast at the wedding, and we all know how I never get to spend enough time with my Tarry. We all snacked on pate & brie with crackers & white wine while we chatted. And not for nothing, but it was kind of funny that I'd just seen the preview for the re-make of Stepford Wives the week before. lol. Seriously? They just look like them... but really now, they were a very sweet & incredibly intelligent group of women. Courtney got a TON of awesome gifts, I made an incredibly gaudy hat of ribbons to humiliate her with, the cake was simply DEVINE... all in all, not a bad way to spend a slightly hung-over Sunday afternoon. I, of course, crashed out hard upon returning home. Some well earned rest for the weary, no? lol. So, how was your weekend?

I'll have an alpha / boy-ban update shortly, as well as some exciting tidbits about what the week a head holds in store for yours truly ;)


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May. 18th, 2004 11:21 am (UTC)
Foursomes and bottles and screams, oh my...
Dude, you so would've jumped in there had you seen it. Two rockstars and the girls who love them...
May. 18th, 2004 01:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Foursomes and bottles and screams, oh my...
tempting... but, no.

think i'll leave the foursomes to my checkered past.
surprisingly enough, i think "one guy, one girl" has a much nicer ring to it...

( 2 spankings — spank your inner moppet )