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My words are paper tigers...

no match for the predator of pain inside her

ok. so obvs I've been dragging my heels on Coachella... but can you blame me really? I mean there is a very large part of me that is just holding out for the slim chance that my camera & all 200 pictures of the event will still be returned to me. Ugh. It socks my gut every time I think about it.

Well then, I won't think about it now -- I'll think about it tomorrow

and instead I'll think about how much fun the UNISON party is going to be tonight at Rothko.


"For one night only, UNISON will be the party you and your friends will not want to miss. Bringing you music from all over the spectrum, including new and old, rock and electro, sexy and loud, UNISON will be the musical one night stand of your dreams".

Sponsored by (the ever lovely) www.melodynelson.com

Featuring the dj stylings of:

Dennis Cahlo (The Sons of Sound),
Melody Nelson (Vicious),
DJ Greg K. (Misshapes)
Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone)

AND 2 for 1 drink specials from 9-10!!! --à how sweet is that?

So, obvs I'll be there, but tonight there is a special treat... you get TWICE the witty, dizzy, suburban charm – as I will have my baby sister, Audra, with me. (And yes, she *is* 22, so I really ought to stop calling her my BABY sis, but I can't help it!) We don't look an awful lot alike, but enough that you won't be shocked that we're related. Besides, we laugh alike, we're both klutzy, and we're both in serious need of some dance therapy tonight. Well, her more than me. Minha irma de bebe got her heart stomped on last night, so be kind. Buy the poor girl drinks, tell her she's fabulous & encourage her to come out and party with us all summer and just forget about that boy who done her wrong.



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May. 17th, 2004 03:24 am (UTC)
no weekend update yet? Inquiring minds want to know! Guess I can say the same about my lack-of-update too, eh? See you on IM instead, I guess :)
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