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Random Thoughts + The Weekend Wrap-Up

If I didn't know better (and believe me I do) I'd swear I was pregnant... I have been craving the most crazy things lately. And my appetite is completely out of whack. Last night? I was ravenous. Saturday? Had to force myself to eat. Olives out of the jar followed by PB&J on an english muffin? check. Eggo waffles with Maple syrup followed by jalapeno jack cheese and crackers? checkity-check-check. Yeah, I know what it looks like, but it would be an immaculate conception – so it ain't.

Thoughts on the weekend... I spent far too much time in my car, there are going to be far too many babies at my bridal shower, and for the first time since I was in Vermont, I had a completely Alpha-Free weekend – and it felt really really nice.

Friday was spent mostly in the bug. From the time I left the house, it was THREE HOURS before I set foot in The Hook. This involved a little getting lost in Greenpoint, and then some searching for roads that don't exist in Redhook... So, by the time I got there I had completely missed Jin's very first set, and Audrey was well into hers (which was drastically shortened). Nora and I wandered outside to discover that – whoa – the Hook has this whole "backyard" deal with couches & stuff. So clutch. Could see spending a lot of time there this summer if it weren't – you know – in the middle of NOWHERE. Got to see The Big Sleep, who have the best litebrite looking sign EVER, and were actually quite good, but could really use a vocalist. Sam Interpol spun some fantastic Classic Rock tracks, and I LOVED it. So nice to hear something that wasn't – or didn't sound like – something from the 80's. Stuck around with Joe DoP (formerly known as Yo-Yo-Boy)to see Other Passengers (Formerly Medicine Hat) – whom I thoroughly enjoyed again. And, well, hey they're all cute & a band full of eye candy is NEVER a bad thing. Speaking of cute boys... apparently they've all been hiding out in Red Hook. There were a ridiculous amount of adorable indie boys out on Friday, but I was sleepy & grumpy from driving and besides, the boy ban is still in effect for another 3 weeks or so.

Speaking of boy ban & the end of boy ban... Dyana & Shawn's wedding is in 3 weeks. I can't take Kevin, he has a previous engagement, so it looks like I'm asking Bobby. Only Bobby isn't with Ali anymore – which isn't necessarily weird in and of itself, but it does mean that this will be the first time Bobby & I have attended an event together as single peeps since... um Homecoming 1991? LOL I mean, he and I are totally friends now, in a way beyond anything I ever could explain – or for that matter, could have imagined back in the day... but it's still funny when I think of how much of my life I spent obsessing over him – it was a pretty big chunk of my life, you know? From my first love at 13 to kindasortalmost dating at 15, to fwb during/after college, up to that last hook-up in my post-K insanity phase... I guess you could say that Robert Timothy Michael was the original Alpha. Well, let's hope he can go to the wedding with me, otherwise I'm still going to need to scrounge up a date!!

Saturday... best part of the evening? Walking down 53rd street & being stopped by one of those bicycle-rickshaw guys. He was sooooo cute. Seriously. Looked JUST like Jake Gyllenhal. When he asked me where I was headed, I told him I was only going around the corner, but he told me to hop in & he'd give me a ride for free!!! ::Sigh:: He smiled & I melted & it was over too fast... why-oh-why didn't I tell him I was going to Battery Park!?
More Saturday fun with Ash & Nora at HiFi & then onto Misshapes for post Morrissey insanity. Boys everywhere dressed up like Moz – too bad they weren't looking for girls. Sarah + Karen kicked a little battle of the djs ass on the turntables as the Tarts of Pleasure - it was a total "girls rule, boys drool" moment. And Sarah was cute in her boobylicious party dress you could have just gobbled her right up. Much dancing with the girls & Greg, then we ran into Jason Productshop, Lindsay Lindsayism, & Jacob Surefire... and then? Jocelyn went home like the good little daughter she is so she could get up and make her mommy breakfast in the morning :)

Last night was awesome. I was outside around 11ish, and wow, I love the air right before a storm... it's just a little warm, just a little damp, and almost tingling with electricity. I leaned up against the bug and enjoyed a smoke while watching the heat lightning streak the sky, the thunder still just a mumble in the distance. Walking back in past the garden was amazing - the sticky sweet smell of summer was just hanging in the air. You know what I mean... how that smell of flowers and freshly turned earth just gets trapped in the heavy air? Then I was lying in bed listening to the crackling of the thunder as it got closer and closer, sounding finally, as if the sky was being torn in two before the heavens opened up pelting the windows at first hard and staccato and then in a soft drone that lulled me off to sleep... ::sigh:: Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer storms?

Okay - so the baby thing? It occurred to me that most likely, I won't be married for at least 2 or three years. (which totally sets my master plan from HS back like 5 years, but like Ms. Hemple said at the time, "don't bother making a plan - life just doesn't happen that way") So, you'd figure, all my girlfriends who are getting married now, will quite likely attend my shower with tots in tow. I'm SO not ready for that scenario.

And yes, an Alpha-Free weekend - a drama free weekend. It was like a mini-break for my head, and possibly for my heart.

And I have Maps stuck in my head again today. It's the damnedest thing... I'm not even really a YYY's fan - but this song worms it's way into my brain every couple of days & just will NOT quit.