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these are the moments that bind us...



It all started with the airport rush. my darling brother Jarrod agreed to drive Audrey & I to JFK. Our flight was at 7, so the plan was to leave Westchester by 4:30, get Audrey and be there no later than 6. well... I had stayed up all night & some time around 3 am, I decided it would be a good idea to dye my hair. This was fine, except that I wasn't ready to go until about 4:45. And then Jarrod wasn't exactly awake / ready. And we stopped for gas. And we didn't get to Audrey until almost 5:30. And then we missed the BQE entrance, and took a tour of Brooklyn, and got to the airport at 6:30… and our plane was already boarding & we ran & we ran into Nora (whose flight was an hour after ours) at the security checkpoint. But we made it in what amounted to "plenty of time to spare", took our seats with our fellow "obviously going to Coachella" passengers, and were on our way.

Our flight actually got into LAX a half hour early, which gave us time to discover that Peter Jennings had been on our flight before meeting up with Greg & schlepping over to Hertz to pick up our car – which was supposed to have a navigational system, but didn't L Blame that one on me... I should have called to make sure they were giving us one. But, it wasn't ALL bad. We did get an upgrade on the car, so instead of jackassing around in a Taurus, we were treated to a Mercury Grand Marquis – which we immediately christened "grammangrampascar" – and which, might I add, was a sailboat on wheels. We swung back around to LAX, picked up Nora, and I discovered the joy that is driving in LA on our way to Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Whoa Amoeba. That place is like Mecca. And apparently the pilgrimage was mandatory for all gothamites, because we ran smack into Vince, Melissa & their crew – which prompted me to shriek like a 14-year-old girl at a JT show. We spent over an hour milling about the cavernous store, I was positively dizzy from the ridiculous selection, but I finally settled on used copies of FF, Snow Patrol, & The Sleepy Jackson; as well as a new car/tape deck/connector thingy (as the only functioning one I had was destroyed when the ipod was stolen & besides, I'm pretty sure I chucked it at Matt's head that night in a violent response to his "how are you?"). By that time I was settling into that nice "I'vebeenawakefor32hours" haze, so we went in search of caffeine & yummy vegetarian lunch type delights. After lunch we realized that we had lost an hour somehow & were leaving Hell-ay much later than we had intended. And then? Our 2 ½ hour jaunt to Palm Springs – took us a mere SIXFUCKINGHOURS. Oh yes. Six hours worth of traffic that would make I-95 or the Jersey Turnpike proud. Luckily we had DJ MelodyNelson rockin the ipods & the super-fun Sirius Radio. But, still, 6 hours in traffic bites. I nearly wound up with shin splints from the constant brake-and-go insanity. We missed the pool, we missed the bbq at "the Condo" – and we were sooooo tired, that we came very close to even skipping the Filter party.

But, we managed to pull our collective selves together & drive on over to Bananaz for Filter Magazine's pre-coachella party. First a word about Bananaz – super cheesy Polynesian place complete with outdoor bar including thatched / palm roof & tikki torches. Seriously? It could have been airlifted from Hampton Bays or any other Touristy summer spot on the Eastern Shore. However, there were free beers to be had, and a bag FULL of lovely parting gifts. The dj, however, sucked. Not so much because of his musical selection – which was actually quite good, but the cuts were brutal and there was nearly no overlapping or mixing involved whatsoever... highly disappointing. I did, however get to meet Whatevs who was milling about the party with some friends. He was way cute, in almost a frat boy kind of way – which was totally not how I had pictured him, but um, whatevs. (lol, okay I'm sorry – but when I'm tired I'm easily amused by bad humor) We only stayed a little bit & then made our way out, bumping in to Jason Productshop on our way to the car. Luckily the hotel was only about 5 minutes away, so we happily passed out somewhere around 12:30 PST in the land of the palm trees while visions of Thom Yorke & The Pixies danced in our heads.

Tomorrow, we'll move on to day one of actual SHOWS.