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That remains to be seen...

so... insane weekend.

let's start with Thursday, shall we? Surefire at Luna Lounge & then DoP cd release at Pianos... Surefire was fantastic as per euj. I was a little worried as the crowd started out literally as ME & their parents... but I assured them "people are coming" and sure enough they did. Close to 30 of them I'd say, if not more. They premiered a new song that Justin had described to me as Phantom Planet meets Ambulance, ltd, and I have to say A) I agree with the comparison and 2) it RAWKED. I swear, I just can't get tired of hearing them play. Awww, the baby boys – they're growing up & saying stuff like "get a proposal to our lawyer" and "we'll have to check with our manager".

Let's see, what else... The bartender who carded me started talking Portuguese to me when he saw my name – which was a little cute, except that I had to answer him with "nao falo o português" – because I really only know a handful of words & phrases. I wish I knew more. One of these days I'm gonna get a Berlitz tape or something. OH. And I got engaged. To Laura & Nora. (what? we're mormon. and apparently gay.) Well, you know that everyone I know is engaged, right? And you know that I'm hating boys at the moment... so I rounded up two hot chicks & proposed to them with Ring Pops which btw? Still rule. Oooh. And Laura had a present for me, which was SO perfect on so many levels... feast your eyes on this. Right? I do love dorks, don't I? rofl. Anyhow, prompted by my new lip jelly, I visited the David & Goliath site today and I think I might need this one too, and while I'm at it, this shirt. They really make some cute things, you know? Ha. K would get a kick out of this, and this goes out to all my fellow sleep-deprived music fans. :)
Yeesh, I'm still on Thursday? Okay, okay, walked over to Pianos. Jin looked really hott. There were TONS of people there. I sat on a stool, nursed a beer & sucked on my ring pop, while watching Laura spin some lovely records including Foxy Lady - which was particularly amusing as it led to Garth imitations. Um, I got real tired & went home early – so I'm sorry to say I didn't end up catching any of DoP's set – but I fully intend to make up for that musical loss as soon as possible.

So that brings us up to Friday – I had some high expectations for the night, which were certainly met & then some... Ash came down as planned and we had pizza, we got pretty, we spent an HOUR looking for parking in the greater Union Square area. Hence we missed Violator, and apparently a Fashion Show? Regardless... we got there maybe mid set for The Bravery. Who were really quite good. And who's EP wound up in my bag and eventually in my cd player – and well, what do you know? SO good. Lot of Cure influences there, incredibly 80's – possibly even what people were looking for from Pity Sing? (and yes, I still ::heart:: Pity Sing's EP) Anyhow. The Bravery are doing a residency on Thursdays in May at Arlene's. 9:00, $7, totally plan on catching a few of those. Next up? The GoStation. Doug had a sore throat, Matt's guitar was too low for the first two songs, and Joel's drums slid further and further away from him during each song – but amazingly enough? They still managed to put on a first rate show. I mean, I'm not gonna lie... it wasn't my favorite performance (the Piano's show is going to hang on to the top spot for the time being) but we were front & center and had a great time. Oh, and I finally got to see the flyers for their first headlining date at Tiswas, and mad props to Vince because, they're simply beautiful. I really need to figure out a way of being at that gig ::sigh:: Post set, we kind of hung around Plaid for a bit – there were Vodka bottles and moving couches, PDAs and bottle cap wars, oh, and a set by DC band Metropolitan that honestly? Didn't do much for me. Anyhow... we eventually made it over to Black & White for the after-party. Ran into even more people we knew (Vorassi, Fabian, Jimmy), and ended up hanging with Nick, Matt & Joel GoStation, Steve, George, Nora, Maura, and Naomi. We rocked out to some classic hair band tunes, chain smoked my $3 a pack Parliaments, and partook in general tomfoolery. Nora and I spent our non-tomfoolery moments shrieking about going to Coachella, and reminding each other that the boy ban was null and void in the Pacific time zone.

Saturday was Dyana's Shag night. And I can't EVEN get into how much fun was had right now. Suffice to say it involved a LOT of gin, a ridiculously funny game of "Fuck, Maim or Marry", glow in the dark nail polish, chocolate bunt cakes, and arriving at Misshapes in a stretch limo. Such a good night. Such a bad hangover. A more detailed description of our fun and the brilliance that were "The Sons of Sound" tomorrow.

As for the drama? I'm not getting into it. And yes, I did screen a couple of comments – to protect the, uh, well, innocent isn't really the word I'm looking for... perhaps "profoundly short-sighted"? Bygones. Either you know what this is all about or you don't, but I wouldn't worry about it - it's all moot now anyways.