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I'm taking a ride with my best friend...

Sooooo, tonight. The following things will happen:

Ashley will get to my house around 7ish.

We will eat pizza, primp, hop in the bug & boogie on down to the LES.

We will get to Plaid early - like 8:30-9ish early.

We will have shots.

We will watch Violator (hello... all girl Depeche Mode Cover Band... how f'ing cool is that!?) at 9.

We will drink FREE BEER at the back bar from 9-10.

We will rock out to The GoStation at 10:30.

We will decide if we're staying for Metropolitain at 11:15.

We will 'cause havoc & general mayhem will ensue as we decide upon an after party.

We will drive back to the Westchester & sleep the good sleep.


Plaid, 76 E. 13th St., NYC

9:00 Violator
9:45 The Bravery
10:30 The GoStation
11:15 Metropolitan

And did I mention it's FREE?

all you need to do is send an email to rsvp@newyorkunderbelly.com
to get yourself on the list. (Please mention the gostation - they'll love you forever). Then just show up before 11pm and you're all set.

Well, now you know where I'll be... and I can't wait. I hope Violator plays Somebody, I may just lose my mind if they do.