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Like a Virgin...

Say it ain't so Llyod! Say it ain't so!!! Okay, I could maybe handle him banging Brit-Brit the once, but no way on earth can I live with him being "special friends" with an ex-House of Style hostess . Fucking leave him alone you 2 bit can't act hack & go back to Blackie.

::Sigh:: It's just so disappointing - I really was expecting more from him. If this becomes a real "thing" I may have to re-think my pledge of eternal love... I mean, you can't very well worship someone if you don't respect them, right?

Anyhow, on the boy-ban front, I have a new partner in crime - or maybe "in good behavior"? Hmmn. Well, yesterday I recruited the lovely Nora into my nun-in-training program. So, basically.... we're on strike. And we're doing it Josh Hartnett style, "40 days and 40 nights" (yeah I know we kind of missed the Lenten boat there, but hey, we're doing this for us, not for Mel Gibson) - so, if we consider yesterday the official start date, then the 40th day should be May 29th - which means that we'll be good to go just in time for the second half of Memorial Day Weekend. Provided we stick to the plan...
Now, in order to make this a little bit more bearable, we've inserted the odd clause &/or provisos. Namely the following: A) we may make out with one boy per week, only one, and ONLY making out. 2) California, being in a different time zone & all, is completely outside the jurisdiction of our "40 nights of Celibacy". That's all we have so far... we may need to more clearly define the rules or include additional stipulations as we go along, but that's the jist of it. I promise to post updates on our progress as the experiment moves forward. And any other ladies out there who want to play along, please feel free to join us, I have a feeling we're going to need all the company & support we can get ;o)

...more later on last night @ Pianos with The Upwelling.