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What is every would-be-scenesters fondest dream? A mention in the Post of course!! And today, ladies & gents, that dream came true for yours truly... ok, maybe the article doesn't actually mention my name, or refer to my existence whatsoever, but it DOES make reference to two very specific objects that I created, and that pretty much made my week.

Let's keep rolling with this theme of fame vs. anonymity shall we? First off, big jump in hits over the last few days... and according to the counter, there's definitely some new blood out there, ::pause, smile, wave, welcome!:: but I think for the most part some of you are just a little over zealous about when I might post next. I wish I was a little more regular about it, so that you wouldn't have to check back two or three or SEVEN times a day, but it's really all about when I manage to find the time or the wherewithal to sit down & actually bang something out. And besides, I've been rather boring lately as part of my new "Mary J Blige" approach to life - you know? Trying to keep the drama levels down to a minimum.

Which brings me to my next bit on anonymity - you really never know how someone is going to react to discovering themselves in the pages of your life online. For example: another alpha bit the bullet this week & asked for the URL. I braced myself for another round of "how could you / how dare you / what gives you the right" drama but found myself rather pleasantly surprised at his reaction... although really, I shouldn't have been. When I look back over each of the Alpha's initial reactions... though they've all been quite different, they've also been fairly positive. I suppose it's hard to get upset at a girl who's been fawning all over you in public, and besides - even my more biting comments are obviously part of a crush cycle and well that's just more fuel to feed the hungry ego(s). Only one of them got his panties in a bunch, but even he's been nothing but smiles & hugs in person. Anyhow, I think things are going to be just fine with my newest site visitor, although it may take a little time for him to get used to the idea that there were ever feelings involved.

So, now that almost all of them have found me out, it begs the question, "where do I go from here?" I mean, shall I simply round up a new group of unsuspecting boys to immortalize? Keep running updates on the original Alphas? And since the fallout from the journal has already hit it's peak... is it time for me to go public? I mean, contrary to what some people might think... this is a very low-profile operation. It's not so easy to find, even if you know me and/or knew it existed. If you were to google one of the bands, you'd have to go about 8 pages in before you got here, you can search the internet over and never see a link to me. I've taken a good deal of care to stay under the radar in the blogosphere because I wasn't all that comfortable with letting the whole world inside my head... but since my privacy here has dwindled over the last two months or so... I'm starting to think, "what the fuck?" I mean, in some of my better moments, I think I can be damn amusing. So why not share my rants & raves with the rest of the world? Of course this means a tug in the direction of increased vagueness when discussing the boys, and a more strict adherence to the notion of locking up my more sensitive posts... but I think I've been doing a pretty good job of that lately anyhow, so one of these days you very well may see me linked on one of your favorite blogs - only time will tell if I really do have the guts to go through with it, but lately? I'm thinking I have the cojones to do just about anything.