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(and you keep thinkin' that you'll never get burnt...)

I have one thing to say about Vicious last night.... LES SANS CULOTTES ! so best EVS!

Now I suppose I should add a little context here... Last night was night #9 of my insane "let's see what happens when I go out 10 nights straight" plan. It wasn't pretty... I was exhausted, I didn't know any of the bands, and I'd spent my last $7 on gas (for which I got a whopping 3.5 gallons that need to last me through thursday), but Audrey had been so kind as to list me, and I knew most of the usual crowd would be off doing other things, so I asked Steve for a ride & we showed up to a very empty Sin-e. We sat. And chatted. And I wore earplugs for the very first time during the first two bands, Dirty rainbow and Looker. Now I'm not saying that they weren't good bands, just that they were loud and I was tired... there was actually quite a lot about Looker that I really enjoyed, especially the lead guitarist's voice - she was really something fantastic. But in general? I'm getting bored of hearing the same kind of bands emerge and that ennui combined with my lack of sleep were making for quite the combination last night.

At some point I had a very dizzy moment where I was thought I'd fall off the stool - that point did not coincide with alcoholic consumption & therefore made me a little wary of my sleep dep situation. Then the hallucination happened... I could have SWORN I saw a dog walk by my leg. There was no dog of course, there were only the lights reflecting off the disco ball. That was probably the moment I decided that night #10 could NOT happen. It's also when I was starting to wish I could just leave right that very moment & not wait for two more bands. But there I sat, waiting in a haze from my perch beside Audrey at the bar.

By some small miracle, Sin-e was packed by the time Les Sans Culottes took the stage... they were an odd crew - not quite as many band members as Bling Kong, but enough to make the stage look crowded - and there were curious things... like the huge gold sunglasses on the lead singer, girls in go-go boots & a silver glitter guitar. And then they started to play - omg. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face, I couldn't stop chair dancing, and Audrey & I kept looking at each other with saucers for eyes, all, "where the hell did they come from & I love them!!". They verge on escaping description... about the best I can do is to say they're a blend of French pop, 60's psychedelic and the B52's, and just the most original thing I've heard in months. And it was all in French! I don't even speak French & I loved it! I mean, never before have I been so engaged by music of a foreign nature (excepting opera, but come on, they have met titles now - and if you can't follow the blocking, you have issues). They did a killer cover of Nancy Sinatra's classic 1HW, "These Boots Are Made For Walking", they dedicated Jacques Dutronc's Les Cactus to Audrey, they covered Serge Gainsbourg AND Plastic Bertrand, and they did it all as if they were the musical segment of Laugh-In.

And if that weren't enough? The girls? So awesome. One (Kit Kat Le Noir)was totally Charo. She looked like her, sang like her, danced like her - I kept waiting for her to go "Cuchi Cuchi" - but alas, she didn't take it that far. The other girl? (Celine Dijon) Well, let's see... do you fantasize about any of the following: Asian girls, French girls, Go-Go Girls, Girls with deep Kathleen Turner-esque voices? Right. This girls for you then. She kicked ass. Plus she was wearing the coolest black & white striped elbow length gloves ever. The band was just too much fun. The crowd got so into them that they even demanded an encore - a Vicious first!

There was a fourth band, Champions of Sound but really... there was no following Les Sans Culottes. Even featuring an ex-model on bass wasn't enough to pry the poppy goodness that we'd just seen from our thoughts long enough to concentrate on anything else. I really think "the champs" might be something I'd like... only I'm going to have to catch them some other time, because lord knows I was in another world while they were playing last night.

right. that's all I have to say for now. ::hugs:: to Steve for being the best boy ever last night - you made my evening possible. And ::beijos:: to Audrey for sliding me in sans cash & because I think I might have bit her nose when we clashed heads at the bar.

Anyone who wants my Muse ticket for the bowery tonight has about an hour or so to get down there, find Steve, and give him $20. I, my friends are going home to my pillow, my remote control, and the OC. I may not return from hibernation for quite sometime... or, I may be at Pianos tomorrow night for the Up! Party featuring Miss Melodynelson doing her thing on the turntables...



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Apr. 15th, 2004 03:30 pm (UTC)
I've been wondering what was going to take everyone so long! I saw Les Sans Culottes on July 14, 2002, when they played a Bastille Day party on Orchard Street. I promptly bought their CD. If you want a copy, I'll burn it for you.
Apr. 15th, 2004 05:01 pm (UTC)
you knew this whole time & you were keeping them to yourself!!! Sacre bleu! lol

I would LOVE a copy of their cd... I wonder is it the same one that they gave Audrey the other night? Do they even *have* more than one cd?
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