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Oh god. I've been such a slug all day... Only one in the office & things were SO quiet that I actually fell asleep. Twice. And I didn't even fashion a proper update for last Wednesday or for this weekend. I'm sorry folks, I'm just lame today I guess. Maybe still side-effects from lack of sleep?

Regardless, I'll throw a few tidbits about last night your way... I made it to Pianos juuuust in time for Dennis & Scott's set. The crowd consisted of Audrey (duh), Laura, Jasper, Jinners, Jo, Steve, Greg, and lo & behold - waiting for me - Boy2. I was actually kind of shocked... I mean he said he was coming and all, but that had been hours ago and considering our past track record, I just didn't even think to look for him when I wandered upstairs. LOL. We grabbed some beers & some chairs and settled in to listen to the boys & their guitars.

I have to say that I'm a little torn about what to think/what to say about their first show together... It's just that I love Dennis so much all on his own with his voice soaring above the acoustic guitar - so on the one hand I hate to hear anything at all competing with him. But on the other hand, Scott's accompaniment on some of the songs was so ethereal & atmospheric that I couldn't help but give up my Cahlo-purist instincts. Also? Just in case I haven't already mentioned it 50 billion times? Scott is gorgeous. So that helps with the "I could just watch him play guitar all day" factor. Lol. In any event, I'm anxious to hear them again with the sound worked out (I hear there were certain technical difficulties this time around), I think I could certainly grow to appreciate the whole new sound they create together.

From Pianos, i did the taxi thing & brought people here & there - the "there" in this scenario being Bar13, which, if I'd actually updated about Wednesday, you would know as the site of the SS* afterparty... So Bar13. I was planning on heading there anyways upon BoyD's suggestion to check out yet ANOTHER dj set by Mike Joyce & Andy Rourke, and then Laura started with the peer pressure to go see The Sleepy Jackson - who, it seems, were going to be playing downstairs pre-smiths set upstairs - excellent, it all worked out. At Bar13 whilst waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we ran into Doug GoStation, his friend from Jersey (whom I met at TCTC, but whose name I can't seem to remember), and another friend in town from Columbus. Then Nora & Chris showed up, then Boy5 showed up, then Lucas & Kasey, then I think Jinners & Jo? But I never really got to see them, they were too far on the other side of the crowd. Doug told me all sorts of fun things about how the GoStation spent their weekend in the studio - which I'm psyched about. I know this was all preliminary stuff, but I look forward to hearing what the 2 track promo comes out like. Of course it's only going out to "industry folks" so I may have to beg, borrow or cadge a copy to listen to until the EP makes it's debut this summer... Still, exciting news for the boys, who I'll be seeing this evening around 10 pm at pianos, 'cause, you know, I LIVE there now. I know... you thought I lived at Sin-e. Well, what can I say? I moved.
Now, lets keep in mind that before last night I hadn't even so much as heard of The Sleepy Jackson (much to the dismay of many in my company)- but, WOW. Oh I really, really loved them. And so I'm not even going to try and describe their set except to say that it was a refreshing change without actually inducing any sleep as their name might suggest. Also? For such a tiny room in a bar, the sound was amazingly good. So, yes. Thumbs up to The Sleepy Jackson - I must go in seek of their recorded material immediately. And while we're at it? Thumbs up to Laura for twisting my arm into going to see them in the first place :)

I wasn't around for too terribly much of the Smiths' set... it was basically the same as Saturday night's, plus I was still kind of tired - and thusly, not really up for dancing. Plus, we were hoping to see BoyD, who never showed (but found time to text me at 6 am and tell me that he never made it to 13, waking me from my 4 hour slumber). I hung out for a while, and finally made my way out of there (for good) around 1:30 or so?

So, against my better judgment, I'm trekking back down to Pianos tonight as I mentioned, to see DougsBand (copyright: Braquage.com), and perhaps take another stab at setting certain aspects of my social life spinning back on their proper axes - we'll see how well that goes over. Tuesday night Audrey DJ's a free beer party at Bar169, and Wednesday is Dennis' Birthday Extravaganza at Luke & Leroy's... then if I can scam a ticket to the Merc on Thursday for Benzos / TVotR that's where I'll be. long week. no rest for the weary. 'cept that for whatever reason our Sephardic boss give the entire office off for Good Friday - as if it were a national holiday or something. Not that I'm complaining... Friday is as good as any day for sleeping in :)