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The smiles returning to the faces...

so much for slowing things down.

i mean, i guess i took friday off, but last night? so long. so good. so very very good. and halle-fucking-lujah it had NOTHING to do with boys. coming home sober yet sleepy with the sunrise is incredible. nicely dizzy from lack of sleep, but aware enough to notice that the owl is hooting with the morning sparrows and the air smells sweet, like rain on brick. your feet are tender from six hours of dancing, and you've never been happier to escape to your own bed and have it all to yourself. ah, bliss.

more talk later about smiths' saliva, naked dancing girl, the olive garden, a big red commercial, platform booty-shaking, and a tour of the NYU dorms...

on deck for tonight - Dennis & Scott at Pianos, hopefully showing up early enough to see Hightower. Possibly winding up at Bar 13 for yet another night with Smiths... we'll see about that ;)