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So, do we think it would be completely cruel & inhumane to name my future children after Tolkien characters? The names are just so lovely… the vowel sounds are so rare & their pronunciations just roll off the tongue. I mean, I was pretty set on old English names to begin with, so why not delve a little deeper?

Besides, *Sigh* I am going to marry Legolas & have his elf-babies... I mean damn! He is just too fucking cool!

Okay – so having said that, LoTR TTT – go see it NOW. in my grand, geeky tradition, I went to the midnight showing on Tuesday night & I LOVED it. And, I saw it again on imax that Friday. Now, I read the Hobbit a million years ago & had started, but never finished Lord of the Rings. So, with no real concept of how well the plot of the book was being followed, I had a truly fantastic movie-going experience.

First of all, the special effects are OUTSTANDING. Gollum/Smeagol was really one of the best digitally created character I have ever seen - totally on par with Episode II's Yoda. I also completely dug the Ents - who were just a really great addition to the Middle Earth creatures we met in LoTR 1.

Um, let's see... well, Gimli is hysterical in the film, he really had me going a few times... The action sequences are amazing - there are two of Legolas' stunts in particular that were just SO cool. Aragorn continues to be hot, as does Arwen (who has considerably less screen time in this film). New hotties to look for are Eowyn and Eomer... and if you liked Boromir, you'll get to check out this brother Faramir. The Battle at Helms Deep is incredulous - well worth the 4 months of night filming that went into its creation, the set design again is fantastic - and the scenery makes me want to hop the next flight to New Zealand.

Okay. Now that I've gushed all about it, let me address the folks who are fans of Tolkien. I went to the film with my brother who has read the books a LOT. Apparently, about 20 minutes into the movie, the film breaks with the book's plotline & goes it's own way, so be prepared for it not to be the most faithful of adaptations. Now, it's not like they went willy-nilly or anything, but I think a lot of plot points were combined & the timeline was played around with (presumably for pacing). Despite all this, my brother still enjoyed the film for the exciting adventure it was.


Lol, okay so I'm mildly obsessed. And I need to get out soon to see some other things like Catch Me if You Can, Gangs of New York & Chicago. Oh, and finish Christmas shopping.


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Jan. 6th, 2003 12:00 am (UTC)
"and the scenery makes me want to hop the next flight to New Zealand" amen to that sister!!!

hey, so happy new year to you.. I hope it was nice.. yeah, I'm a little late.. here's to a great new year and wonderful possibilities. :)


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