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Secrets will in time find a way out...

(FYI, this is crazy long & has nothing to do with Wednesday - I'll have to find time to run on endlessly about that later)

backtracking all the way to last week Friday... Remember? I was poor & still had a lot of things I really wanted to do? Right. So, there was some creative financiering on my part & suddenly I had a tiny budget that was gong to be enough to fund my adventures. First up? Surefire at Don Hill's. Got there about halfway through their 2nd song & ran straight into Miss Nora. She was looking for someone to go stand up front with - and well, I obviously required no arm twisting, so of course we waded through the tiny teenage girls & found a nice spot to properly appreciate the baby boys in action. Even mid-set from stage, the boys were happy to see us, and that never gets old, to get smiles & nodded hellos from the band - it makes one feel, well, special. ANYhow... Another great, great set from Surefire. And, in a big step forward for the band, they didn't even close with "Seems to Me", which I applauded them for afterwards. It's nice to shake things up from time to time especially when people get overly used to you closing with the same song. *cough*PatchofGrass*cough* (ahem, i don't know what came over me there... must have gotten something caught in my throat) right, so in any case, DonHills was yet another triumph in the land of my favorite underage band complete with some very OC looking girls cheering them on.
Sidebar: speaking of which... there was in particular a girl that looked just like Mischa Barton only with shorter hair... later on in explaining this to someone I was told that it was, in fact, her little sister... who it turns out is ALSO an actress. Not necessarily sure how reliable the source information was - but hella cool if it's true.
After their set, Nora, George & I absconded with the slightly older half of the band in the back of the Contour (which filled in nicely while the beetle was ooc). We stopped for beer & um, a cheese platter that ended up resembling a bag of cheesey-poofs & made our way to the rockin after-party, which consisted of us, Matt GoStation and his adorably doggy, Sebastian. There were dvds of The Beatles & Oasis (go figure), some priceless footage from The GoStation's mini road-trip to Boston (wherein i discovered, oddly enough, that their first pit stop was the Mobil on the Hutch, which is MY daily caffeine/nicotine supplier. kind of geeked me out to watch it on screen - definite flash back to that tape of Jay climbing into the freezer at Sev-ies back in the Burnt Van days...) and a sing-along where we pressed our beer drenched brains for the words to countless songs. Certainly not where I expected my evening to end up, considering I thought I'd be at Molly's dishing with the girls, but nonetheless, it was good times people, good times.

Come Saturday... I agreed to pick up Nora, George, & the lightly toasted Danielle & ferry them on over to The Hook to check out The GoStation. We found the other half of Surefire, along with Erica, Steve, and eventually, Miss Jinners (whom I hadn't seen since she got back from sxsw). Lovely Lisa, my new favorite bartender was there again & we settled in for what we thought was the start of the set... only we were faked out. Everybody sat tight for another 20 minutes or so & then the GoStation lads finally got rockin'. A shorter set than I'm used to from them - which was sad, but probably best with the time frame & all. I though Doug had a particularly "on" evening - he just seems to give a little more of himself every time I see them play. And I really can't say enough about the sound at The Hook - really, there's not a bad place in the room to stand - and I think I have to say that I was finally really really happy with the mix level (normally I think Doug's vocals should be a touch higher, especially when the rest of the guys crescendo in a few sections). And, can i get a drum roll please................ Matt finally popped a string mid-solo, on "Next in Line"! So, yay for Matt! I think that might solidify his rockstar status. Well, that & his curious exit which entailed throwing off his guitar as soon as they ended the song & racing off the stage, down the stairs and into the bathroom. Steve deemed it "the best stage exit EVER" -- I, on the other hand thought it implied the end result of a nauseated stomach, but I never did ask him about it... so, you be the judge.

Post set, we milled about for a while before I took Nora, George & Danielle (whom henceforth be called "my crew", lol) over to Boy 2's place for the Sit and Spin re-launch / housewarming party. (yep, gonna stick with the alpha distinction for him... he knows he's him, his friends know he's him, but really, it's just much more fun to keep up with the secret identity pretense) Two things... first off? The boy looked damn fine. ::sigh:: mamma like. Second? His new bike is fucking haaaaawt. And I don't even have a thing for bikes - but, yeah, awesome - so much better than the plasticy kind. The apartment pretty much looked the same as I remember it, only with a lot more people & hella-less boxes in the boy's subterranean abode. Ooh, and there's a back yard, with a bathtub - which only added to the ambiance. Also? Boy2 has a lot of hot guy friends, Nora & I were simply agog at the indie eye candy. I finally got paid in Colt45 for my interview, and I think I'm going to maintain a pre-crush on him, who was dreamy and who I think I should have talked to for longer... um, I confused this Jennifer with this Jennifer. In fact I almost walked up to the former Jen & introduced myself to her as if she were in fact Chicago-living Jen. We can thank Bryan for saving me from that near-humiliating experience, as his "are you on crack woman – what on earth are you talking about" look said it all when I ran it by him. I dunno, I can't see most of you finding this at all funny, but I thought it was damn hysterical... I just kept picturing myself talking to this girl, going on & on about how I read her blog & find it so damn addicting and how she'd stare at me like I had three heads. heheheh. see? still funny to me. Moving on, in passing conversation... although Bryan hands down gave the better argument, I secretly have to side with Donovan, if only because I think the Apache would have been viewed as some sort of horrifying supernatural beastie & the Brits would have shat themselves & gotten out of Dodge post-haste.

oh, other sidebar... I got the best tee shirt from Old Navy that I cut up to wear out on Saturday. I'd seen it a few weeks back, but couldn't resist it this time around. As Laura (G) & Steve both said..."it's so you", and really - it is. It's navy blue with yellow lettering that says, "I *big pink lipstick kiss* and tell (and tell... and tell...)" I thought it was beyond hysterical. And certainly lends itself to truth in advertising, no? LOL Seriously though? If I were actually actively promoting this site for some ungodly reason, that would be my shirt. I'd silkscreen my URL on the back.

From B-burg, me & the crew made our way over to the west village for a little Misshapes action. We made it just in time for Audrey's incredible set (what can I say, the girl knows how to get my ass to stay put on the dance floor). The place was packed. The line up: Greg (duh), Dennis (who did had a stunning performance art debut as "the disco ball"), Scott (dennis' almost painfully beautiful guitarist-to-be) Sarah, Carlos D, Jenny Penny, my baby boyfriend, boyD (girl in tow as per usual), and Nick & Ben Surefire (who we'd personally been hounding about Misshapes all night). At some point, I finally asked boyD if he'd been reading... he says he didn't know about it, but I don't think I believe him... but in any case, it's moot now since, now he *does* know. Oy, someone ought to seriously staple my mouth closed when I launch into a bout of "true confessions" like that... Anyhow, much fun, much laughing, much storytelling, much mocking people for not coming... MUCH dancing, less beer, no falling. A night well done. And really I'm going to leave it at that. Post misshapes included discovering that my ipod was gone which sucked, and post that involved more beer, losing my last $10 out of my pocket, walking around a lot more than necessary, drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle, force-feeding myself pizza to stave off the whiskey, and nearly falling asleep in a place that I wasn't particularly thrilled to have been at to begin with.

I would love to talk about Sunday - but really I was mostly miserable about the ipod & self-reflective about stuff - this was all pretty much documented on Monday. The Day After was a nice little break. Everyone was all sympathetic eyes & hugs, which was sweet... plus I got to see Laura, which was a total surprise & so much fun to watch the Style Network with. I stayed only long enough for a single beer, then boogied on home to veg out on my bed & continue my "woe is me" thought process.