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A quick note:

Why do you keep reading? What exactly is it that you're you looking for? I really don't think you'll find it here... I don't have a problem with you in and of yourself, I never did. It was more the idea of you that I found unsettling at the time - and I really can't see how I can be blamed for that. I'm sure you're a lovely person, but the bottom line is that I don't know you, and you don't know me. We've maybe spoken six sentences between us, so the fact that we've been exerting any amount of effort in avoiding each other as of late is really rather ridiculous. I honestly do apologize if you've taken any of my flights of fancy personally. My intentions were never to make anyone uncomfortable, least of all you. I'm not suggesting that we should attempt a friendship here, but I am going to make a return to exchanging pleasantries. If that's not something you're comfortable with, than I suppose that's your prerogative and I won't push the issue; but taking from what little I do know of you, I'd expect that by now you're as tired of this silly high school nonsense as I am.


In other news... I will make a marked return to public posting this afternoon. We'll take a trip in the way back machine to talk about last weekend with Surefire, The GoStation, the Sit and Spin re-launch party, Misshapes, and The Day After. And then the long-awaited full report on the utter fabulousness of Wednesday night, with hopefully only the briefest of tirades on how the evening ended with yet another auto-related travesty. Last night Laura said, "God is playing tricks on you puppy". And folks? I couldn't agree with her more... ::sigh:: But you know what? That was technically Thursday - so, let's call it a cosmic April Fool's joke & say that Wednesday night found me floating in a non-chemically induced state of ecstasy that was impervious to the 'slings and arrows' of my everyday trials & tribulations.