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Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock!

Sarah made me take the gay test. Okay, not really. More like she posted it & I'm bored today, so I felt obligated to see where I stand these days. I'm 43% gay. Lol. Apparently that's gay-er than most women my age/orientation - whom are supposed to (I think) average out at 32% gay. I'm thinking my episodes with Cricket & Marci probably account for most of my gay-ness. And maybe the scam that Michelle & I used to run... but really, that was all about the free alcohol & boys being ridiculously excited about two girls.

Cricket was probably the first girl who ever really kissed me. Meaning, not just with tongues, but with some modicum of desire... and that was simultaneously terrifying & exciting. Of course I was what? 20 at the time? Everything was new and exciting then. Plus she singled me out, in attempt to mock Chris (my on-again-off-again) who had been hitting on her, and well, it was just the most brilliant slice of "fuck you, you're not all that & a big of chips" ever. I think it blew his mind not only that she chose me over him, but that the situation had (to him) gone from me & her competing for him, to me & him competing for her... (really there was no competing at all, just a really weird love polygon) Ah, Drama parties - where the world is your androgynous oyster... lol.

Making out with Marci was great. I was so happy to kiss her, since she'd never kissed a girl before, and we were all nice & fuzzy drunk and it was just a lot of fun. What was creepy was turning around and seeing Charles just standing there in the dark staring at us, "don't stop on my account". Dood! quit it! Lol.

Waaaaaaay back in the day, when we were still technically teenagers hitting up the underage bars on North Avenue, my best friend & I discovered a universal truth. Boys will do almost anything to see girls kiss. Now for two straight girls who adore each other, this was invaluable information. It started with Kevin Lynch & soon just became this "thing". The boys would gather round the bar, buy Meesch & I shots, we would kiss, and then they would buy us drinks. Life was GRAND I tell you. Of course eventually they caught on & upped the ante... we'd have to kiss each other & then each kiss the boys. But hey, that's what the summer of '96 was all about... being crazy & kissing all kinds of boys & pushing your liver to the limit. ::sigh:: you know, "the good old days".

I guess I haven't kissed a girl in a really really long time at this point... I mean, Michelle & I revived the kissing for shots scam back in our Milburn days, but wow, I must have been just 22, so 4, 5 years ago already? Hmmn. That's a shame. Kissing girls is very nice... so different, so much softer than kissing boys. I'm pretty sure I could never take it much further than just kissing, unless we're talking Angelina Jolie (or, you know, Amy Ray for some reason). ::sigh:: Maybe I should just skip boys for a while & find a nice girl to settle down with ala Kissing Jessica Stein. Of course that didn't really work out for her... she ended up with Max from Gilmore Girls anyways... so, eh.

If you couldn't already tell... I'm in a fantastic mood today. #1, I get the bug back today. #2, I get to see The Killers AND Stellastarr* (link from Audrey) tonight!!!! So, so , SO very excited. This is what happens when you love a band & you see them maybe too much & then they go away for months & you haven't seen then properly in a long time. Plus Nora really got me pumped up for the evening by spinning my favorites from each band last night at Pianos last night. (which, btw, I am happy to report was much less stress-inducing & much less expensive than last week's foray there) And I squealed & danced to the Killers with the baby-boyfriend, who is possibly the only person I know who is as giddy about tonight as I am. Afterparty is supposed to be at Bar 13 (13th & University) and I'm just madly looking forward to a tremendous evening. It's my reward for the crappy week that was last, so nobody better rain on my parade, and if you do? Just a little fair warning... I'll knock you out cold. I'm NOT havin' negativity tonight. It's all about the music; it's all about having a good time, blowing off a little steam, and dancing around till I'm deliriously happy.


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Mar. 31st, 2004 12:37 pm (UTC)
awwww. memories.... you did a great job of breaking me in too dear. *smooch*
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