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I owe you all an update, don't I? Friday night I spent with my MOST favorite boy. The one who runs to see me & loves me above all others. Except maybe his Mommy & Daddy... aww, I love my boo right back. He is absolutely the most gorgeous (almost) 4 year-old ever, and I swear I'm not saying that just because we share some key genes. Anyhow, we had a great time. We played cars and tickle tag and ate birthday cake and made pretty pictures on the computer. After fun with the fam, I went home, vegged out & watched La Reine Margot – which was good, because A) I tend to forget how fucking sexy Vincent Perez is and 2) I needed a reminder that things in my love life could always be worse: I could find the love of my life, spend only three nights with him over the course of 6 months, and then watch him get framed & summarily beheaded for the murder of my brother... so yeah, things could definitely be worse.

Saturday... day of festivities. First off, I left the house early to get down to the West Village to go to Eve. Now, traffic was a bitch and a half, so I didn't get there until 6:05. They close at 6. They stayed open JUST for me I ask you... how much of a fucking rockstar did I feel like!!? I love Maya. She is just the best of the best. Now, I hadn't been there in maybe 2 years? Not only did she remember me, and agree to take my late appointment, but she also remembered that I used to come with a friend. For maybe the very first time, I was able to sum up the Michelle situation in one very concise sentence, "Well, she married my ex-boyfriend so we don't really talk anymore". And really? Isn't that all there is to it at this point? I mean, why bother with the he-said-she-said-she-said crap -- especially when you're clenching your jaw in an attempt to not betray the intense pain coursing through your body in a blood curdling yelp.

Moving on... I drove on over to the Mercury Lounge. Presumably to meet boy5 for a drink (no jokes about selling myself for a ss* ticket. seriously. quit it. NOT funny) & possibly to hear some of the set of cute-possibly-british-boy's band.

[Sidebar: we met cute-possibly-british-boy many moons ago at one of the Day After's at Pianos. we didn't even talk to him enough to discover if he's actually british or just has an affected voice. we didn't label him because we haven't seen him around since then, but we did find his band's website and to our delight – they're wonderful, so perhaps, in the future, we may label him. then again, we may not. we hear he maybe has a gf and for the love of god we don't want to go down that "crushing on attached boys" road again. once was more than enough, thank you.]

Well, I got to hear cute-possibly-british's sound-check, but that was about all. Turns out that boy5 was unavoidably detained, but considering that Laura had just requested a bug ride from Billyburg to RedHook this all worked out fine. And if you can believe it – that overbearing bitch who works the Merc door actually offered me my $10 cover back as I left! Perhaps she has a heart after all? Right. So, I picked up Laura & Mike. We found our way to The Hook, there was splendidly ample parking right outside, and the door guy let me in despite the fact that he couldn't find DoP's list. Sweet. Inside were the usual suspects (some of whom arrived after us) including Steve, Audrey, Dennis, The lads of Surefire, Nora, The DoP crew, Matt & Doug GoStation, and our new friend, Lisa – the bartender. Lisa had a fantastic tattoo on her back that I saw with my x-ray powers & yoyo, so she's hella-cool in my book.

I'll get to reviewing the sets later, I promise. But suffice (for now) to say that they were each brilliant, that I was crazy excited to see Surefire play with Dennis & vice-versa, and that I took SO many pictures I actually needed to go & re-charge my battery in between sets. (please see "Surefire" and "Dennis Cahlo". "Dirty On Purpose" coming soon...)

Oh. And as for my heckler who told me to simmer down before "Seems to Me"? Simma yo'self. It's my absolute favorite song at the moment, and if I happen to be a little buzzed & a lot hyper? Then I will shriek & pogo as I see fit in celebration of it's performance. ;)

More later on the bands, Vince's SpringisSprung Extravaganza, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Tonight I debate dragging my broke self down to Pianos for the Ritalin Reading Series and Sgt Fun, Nora K, Contraceptacon dj'ing upstairs. I would really like to go, but I'm thinking my serious lack of fundage might stop me. I wish my damn check would clear already! ::sigh::