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Oh Christ I'm bored. Been bored all damn week since Prince. Also been all week. Funny thing is... the me inside has not been affected by the plague. Seriously. If I could have jumped out of my mucous-ridden body & been out every night this week, I would have. As it is I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. All this ridiculous snow & having been trapped in Westchester for a week... aaaargh! I'm deep in the throws of Indie rock scene withdrawal here folks – and it isn't pretty. I'm going to be bouncing off the fucking walls at The Hook by the time Saturday rolls around. There will be Dennis & Surefire & Dirty On Purpose! And for the love of Christ, Laura will be out. In Brooklyn!! And Vince is having a party with chocolate bunnies & dairy delights, and there will be massive amounts of dancing at Misshapes!

In the meantime, an incredibly brief update on my life with the alphas...

I tried to buy a stellastarr* ticket on Wednesday maybe? And to my delight & dismay... their show at Irving SOLD OUT! Incredible for them, devastating for me. on Thursday, I posted on Friendster about my predicament. Almost immediately came a panicked reply from boyG that he too, had no ticket. I later noticed that he had posted an ad on CL begging for 1 or 2 tickets. I then drove to the airport to pick up my parents. Their flight was late, so I popped on AIM on my phone. Seeing boyD, I immediately began to harass him about finding me a ticket. He didn't even know it sold out, blah, blah...
Him: you posted on CL, I see
Me: not me, but I know boyG did
Him: yeah, I figured that was for you
Me: um, no. I figured it was for his girlfriend.
ok. what the fuck? what would possess him to even think that? why did he say that? does this mean he is reading this... but if he has been reading then why would he say that... is actually acknowledging that I crush on other people besides him? oh whatever, I'm sure I'm blowing this way out of proportion
so, yeah. make of that what you will – I just thought it was a really odd thing for someone to say, especially him.
Now, once I finally got back home, I had two friendsters waiting to rescue me: A) The lovely Nora, thinking she had an extra & could she let me know in a couple of days, and 2) boy5, offering me his plus one if, in fact, he has one.
So YAY for friendsters :)
And also? Now I'm thinking it was a really good thing that I drove boy5 home the other night... maybe it really does pay to be a good girl on occasion. Don't get too excited – I'm not going all Mother Theresa on your asses, I'm sure my non-kissing streak won't last out March.

On the BB front, my spies in Boston tell me I should be expecting a "surprise I found you on Friendster" message. Only we think he keeps chickening out. Which is frustrating the Boston peeps, but I think is totally cute. Some of you may be wondering why I don't just calm the poor boys nerves & hit him up first... plainly put? I'm not going to chase him down. It's not that I have something against the concept really (well, obviously) it's just that he's honestly a great guy & much too nice to fuck with. I know, that statement pretty much begs for an explanation, I hear the question already, so are you saying the rest of the boys are fine to fuck with or what? In a manner of speaking, yes and no. First off, the alphas have all more than had enough shots at being with me... and despite the occasional bouts of interest on their parts, basically none of them are going to be my boyfriend. I know this. I almost appreciate it about them. They are tons of fun, have provided me with countless hours of entertainment, and supplied my life with what little romance they've collectively amassed. In the case of BB, we would like him to have a fair shot at being with me. (where being with me = something that resembles a relationship & not just the occasional drunken hook up). And in order for that to happen, there may be some people we have to work out of our system first. Hence, letting things happen as slowly as possible and not being the aggressor would be in order here.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm bored as all hell today? Please find me and entertain me? Tell me your sob stories, tell me what you're doing tonight, tell me that I'm a callous bitch who's primary interests in this life are to drum up drama and make myself happy... seriously, at this point I'd be willing to explore that option, I'm that bored.


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Mar. 21st, 2004 08:15 am (UTC)
I saw BB on Friday at The Pill. He finally worked it into the conversation to ask about you, shyly of course. So when are you coming up here next? Debauchery and juggling the boys are so much more fun when you're around! I'll be updating my boy report later today...
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