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I'm going to pretend that this is about me, just because it technically could be.

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. Day of green beer & soda bread a'plenty. Day I have gotten hammered on since I was 17. Until tonight. The Plague kept me home, where I fully expected to be able to watch The Quiet Man on tv... only, it wasn't on! What the hell? One of the stations ALWAYS has it on St. Patrick's Day. As far as TV went tonight, the pickin's were slim at best. Saw some of Risky Business (yup, the train scene's still doin' it for me), a little of Fried Green Tomatoes, a little of Dangerous Liaisons, and the last half hour of Rockstar. As you can tell, the night was just HUGE, and filled with the kind of joy only pure unadulterated boredom can bring.

Other stuff, other stuff... I'll post about the Prince show eventually, but that would take way too much effort for tonight. Oh, I posted pics from The GoStation show in Boston. (And btw... in case you haven't noticed, over there on the left? Under "Navigation"? There is a link that says "pictures". If you click on it? You'll see pictures. It's good like that.)

Hmmmn. What else should I be promoting? Oh. right.
Sit and Spin. I didn't write for it this time around, but I'd really like to make out some more with the editor, so go & check out this month's issue & harass the staff with emails about how I coerced you into reading such fucking hysterical filth. Especially this.

I tried to buy a stellastarr* ticket today for next week's show at Irving Plaza. TRIED being the operative word there. They SOLD OUT Irving!!! On the one hand, I'm psyched for them. On the other... I don't have a damn ticket. Somebody find me one. Or take me as their plus 1. Please???? please, please, please, please, please, please, please?

What can I say folks? It's been a slow week. I'm ill, so naturally they've shut the city down in my abscence. heh. I promise I'll be back at it by Friday.