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Wow, so look at everybody checking up on me today to see what happened over the weekend! ::shaking head:: Y'all are funny. Well, let me keep you from your fix no longer... So I have this god awful cold that started up on Friday, and since my smoking & drinking remedy didn't work, it has gotten progressively worse & we're now at the point where my entire head is clogged with god knows what & my throat KILLS. Add to this the fact that I am basically a giant bruise today – purple & swollen from my left shoulder all the way down my arm & including my thigh. Right. Basically my body is miserable & screaming for a rest. But this weekend? SO worth it. And as for that rest? Not gonna happen anytime soon.

Starting off, I am SO gay for Amy Ray. I know. She's not hot at ALL. But her voice? And how she is on stage? Oh yeah. I was looking at her thinking, you know, if Amy Ray asked me to go home with her? i SO would. i would totally make out with her without so much as batting an eyelash. wow. I'm gay for Amy Ray. hmmn. wonder who else I'm gay for? ooh. i looooove this song!! well, you get the point. The girls were fantastic. Ali & I almost cried during "Love Will Come To You" I mean, I can't count the number of times I've cried listening to that song back in the day, and to hear it live... it just brings up all of that good 16 year old teary eyed angst. Plus the last stanza, ESPECIALLY the last line slays me, And I wish her insight to battle love's blindness, Strength from the milk of human kindness, A safe place for all the pieces that scattered, Learn to pretend there's more than love that matters. I mean it's true... that's the only way you really get through the bits of your life without love – you pretend that other things matter. And really? They don't so much, but if you can pretend yourself into believing... well, it's a much nicer ride to the next love.

Lindsay's party at Siberia was all kinds of fun. The place itself is set up rather bizarrely & I really wanted to body surf that retarded lounge chair the hell out of there, but the music which I thought the bald guy in the corner was djing – was fantastic. What I couldn't figure out was what the hell Audrey was going to play... I mean he was playing all of her favorites!! When I said as much to Audrey she nearly died laughing. It had been her the whole time & that bald guy? Bartender. Back bar. I'm SO blonde sometimes it hurts. Ashley, Jelena & I got our travel plans squared away while knockin back a few, some very cute yet very sleazy guy kept talking to me & then staring at me all night, Sarah told me I smelled good again, "like a lady", and I almost actually met Lindsay on my way out the door.

Saturday we made really good time up to Boston. This was a blessing 'cause we left a little later than we'd planned on, but it all worked out in the end... Ash, Jelena & I got to Great Scott somewhere between 10:30 & 11... had enough time to get drinks (DOLLAR drafts people!! Given it was NattyIce which hadn't crossed my lips since the days of Salisbury, but still... $1!!! I nearly died) meet some of Ash's cute friends, say hi to Erica & make our way up front for The GoStation's set. The turnout was really very good - I'd been a little worried, you know? Little known band from out of town first on the bill... in New York you'd be playing to 20 people if you're lucky. But in Boston, apparently people come out for the whole bill - which was really great to see. The guys put on another great show. The New Order cover was brilliant, and they went back to closing with Moonlight, which capped off a really solid set for them. Matt still didn't pop his string on the solo, but at least he snapped it out of the fret, so, he's getting there. Doug owned the stage. It was really great to see him looking so at home. I have some pretty good pictures mostly taken during moonlight - I'll post them soon. All in all, they totally won over the crowd & hopefully wound up with a slew of new fans. Dear Leader was alright. They were tight & had a fun pop driven set, but not anything to swoon over.

In the "small fucking world" category, please allow me to present the following: There were two bartenders at Great Scott. One of them was a hulking mass of a man who looked suspiciously like a boy I had gone to High School with, only j-a-c-k-e-d. So jacked in fact, that I figured it couldn't possibly be the same guy. We're talking a transformation that would have been on par with Anthony Michael hall from his Sixteen Candles days to Edward Scissor Hands. At some point in the evening, I heard some one call out to him, "Chris" & I laughed. It was him. I told him who I was & we had a laughed & he told me to come back & catch up after last call, which I did. It's just so bizarre. I mean I haven't seen him in YEARS... his sisters used to baby-sit me, our moms were friends, just like - wow. BIZARRE. Plus, chemical enhancement? Or does he just LIVE in a gym now? Anyhow... small fucking world.

After both sets there was more drinking & meeting of boys & dancing. New crush alert: Boston Boy. I'm not alphanumericizing him, 'cause he's all long distance & what have you, but awwwwww! He was so cute & so funny & so nice! And he danced with me all night. Even when Ashley & Jelena got saddled talking to other people. He's in a band (of course, right?) he plays lead guitar. Ha. Maybe Kris' curse of "thou shalt have no other men but drummers" is finally over? I mean the last string of crushes at least have all been guitars... ponderous. They play NYC sometimes, so I'm definitely going to have to check them out. If Boston didn't close so goddamn early, I think i would have kissed him. But alas, just as the evening was getting started, it was over.

oh and also? Boston has a Giulia. Well, kinda. She's more like what you might find if they were selling Giulias in Little Italy. But wow. She looked like her, she dressed like her, she danced like her & all the bostonians seem as smitten with her as we are with the original. And her name is Pixie. OF COURSE. Because if you were going to denote Giulia as a mythical/ mystical entity, you'd go with "pixie" right? right. Speaking of Miss NewYorkDoll, the real Guilia is in real Italy at the moment & we miss her already. Ciao Bella! Bring us back something tall, dark & Italian!

I hung out & girl talked with Ash for a good long while on Sunday before heading back. I heart her so much for inviting me & letting me be her very first house guest in her unfuckingbeliveable new apartment. It's just heauge. As are her kittens. Uzi? Hands down the largest, most likely to be a linebacker cat I have ever ever ever seen, but he was sweet as anything. I drove back from Boston, pretty much straight through to Pianos for The Day After. Devotchka was putting me to sleep (in a nice way) until they woke everybody the hell up with a souped up Fiddler on the Roof style stop-down. SO much fun.

We hung out at Pianos for a nice stretch... Sarah, Audrey, Steve, Dennis, Lindsay (official introduction finally made) Scott(?) & I. I put my dancing shoes on in the car & changed into my par-tay clothes in Pianos' bathroom & then we filled up the bug & headed over to The Tribecca Grand to hear Audrey, Sarah & THE SMITHS dj. Okay, so we're not talking the Morrissey / Johnny Marr half of the Smiths, but still... I was stoked. $10 drinks. OUCH. Steve is so my bff for spotting me a drink & a half. Audrey djing? sooooo good. I damn near lost my mind when she played Freedom '90. My god, that was the first video I'd actually sit & watch for on MTV. There is never a bad time to shake your ass & lip sync to George Michael. Never. Lessee, got to dance with all my best boys: Steve, Greg, Dennis, Boy5, BoyD (who ::sigh:: looked SO good), AND my baby boyfriend. Btw? I ::heart:: my baby boyfriend. He was too cute last night... so excited to be there, all dancing around, all giggles & smiles. OH. I have a room for Coachella. And a game plan. Flying out Friday am with Audrey, Greg & Giulia, renting a car in LA & driving the license-deprived lot to Indio, driving/flying back on Monday. So happy to have a plan. Now I just need to sell this other ticket...
So, Audrey & Sarahs sets were so, so good & then Mike Joyce & Andy Rourke went to town & they were super fun, and I MET Mike Joyce. I MET A SMITHS!!! I can't even stand it! And they actually SPUN Bigmouth!! It was so unreal. I was ridiculously, ridiculously happy last night - I haven't danced like that in AGES. So of course I got carried away. I lost my footing & went down like a fucking tree... CRASH. right into the edge of the sofa / coffee table. Whoa. beijos to Jakob & Lawrence for being so sweet & so quick to help me up & see if I was okay. Totally my heroes for the evening. After my crash I went straight back to pogo-ing when London Calling came on. WOO HOO. Nothing was gonna stop me -- until of course BoyD reminded me that my car would get ticketed at 2. So we went to leave before the witching hour & I was having some seriously yummy thoughts about lip locking with the boy on the way back to the car, only, then Boy5 asked for a ride & really? How could I say no? What, um, sorry, I'm trying to make out with that other boy, find a cab yeah. I so could never. So I took 5 home and I went home & finally got to check up on my Boston away mssg. And yeah, I had the happy gin in me - truth serum that it is, and yeah I saw BoyD online on his phone.... oh no girl, tell me you didn't... too late. I did. He never writes back when I mssg his phone, so I just DID it.
"Should have kissed you tonight & didn't"

::bling:: "oh yeah? why?"

"'cause you were too too adorable"

::bling:: *some sort of dammitggrdissappointment*

"oh well, maybe next time :P"

::bling:: ;)

right. so. THAT'S out there again. Good job Jocelyn.

Woke up this morning & for the love of god the bruising is ridiculous & my head is so congested I can barely hear. But still... i wouldn't trade my weekend in for a fully pain free body, would you?

To add to my body's distress, I go back out tonight. One, I promised Mike Henry I'd check out Oxford Collapse. But more importantly? I now have tickets to see PRINCE. TONIGHT. Like at 11:30 or something at this crazy club up on the West Side. Jill came out of nowhere with a ticketmaster link today & HELLO, secret show, post Rock&Roll Hall Of Fame induction & we are SO there.

Gonna try to squeeze in a nap now. Also, I'm likely to be cranky at work tomorrow -- the sleep dep isn't doing great things for my personality. But oh yeah, PRINCE. Can you say *mw* *mw* *mw* *mw* *mwah* Kiiiiiiiissss?


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Mar. 15th, 2004 08:06 pm (UTC)
You're going to see PRINCE??? DAMN!!! That's pretty awesome.

It was great having you here as well - come back soon! I am also very glad the whole Smiths thing went so well. I cannot believe they played Bigmouth - crazy. I wish I was there. Why won't they come to Boston damn it???

ps the Boston Boy is on friendster, just in case you wanted to know (or did not already know).
Mar. 16th, 2004 04:04 am (UTC)
That boy is one you have to initiate things with, which I knoooooow you have no problems doing;) Next time.... Because I KNOW there will be a next time! Trying to figure out when I'll be down there next... Is it bad if I miss NYC this quickly?
Mar. 16th, 2004 04:05 am (UTC)
Pixie is on my Friendster too. The pictures don't do her justice though. So are most of the people you met if you want to show some URLs around.
Mar. 16th, 2004 10:59 am (UTC)
So, we're talking about next times already!!? LOL. And you can definitley miss NYC as much as you want... when *are* you coming back down? hit me up on aim.

As for BB, his band is playing here the night of ss*, so, well, yeah... I have to drawn the line somewhere & when it comes down to it, IAATM! Oh, but they *are* playing Tiswas in May. You should come down for that! oh, wait... I have a wedding that day. I'll be in tafetta. In Jersey. ::sigh:: I dunno Ash, could be the universe stepping in again with the ixne before it even gets off the ground.

guess we'll see...
Mar. 20th, 2004 02:13 pm (UTC)
yeah right
hey best buddy, for you to address my friendly actions as questionable is retarded. what the fuck is that?

Mar. 21st, 2004 01:18 pm (UTC)
Re: yeah right
did you not read the part where i said i thought you seemed like a sweet girl? i honestly wasn't implying that your friendliness was questionable, only unusual in a scene where normally i have to meet people 10 times before they even remember my name...
Mar. 21st, 2004 10:49 pm (UTC)
Re: yeah right
i may be around the scene but i'm i hope to god i'm not a scenester, or at least i dont think that of myself! i hope i'm not cuz i always feel like that ends up being negative. i agree that a lot of people have lame attitudes and often it doesnt seem justified. i dont really know what is up with that. i guess it boils down to self-importance or something. i dont know. i havent ever been able to figure that one out, so i usually dont bother with those dorks. heh.
Mar. 22nd, 2004 07:32 am (UTC)
Re: yeah right
'scenester' is a tricky word... I avoided it like the plague for years, but have recently given into it. I think at this point I've been around for long enough where the title doesn't bother me so much anymore. And as for anyone in the scene too self-important to talk to anyone outside their inner-sanctum? Well as much as that used to make me feel like I was back in high school, they don't really bother me anymore either. I figure it this way - I've met some fantastic people, made some amazing friends, and other people doing their own thing isn't going to change that. I think I've gotten so used to having to be patient with people that I get jumpy when things around me move quickly... but that's just my neurosis & my cross to bear :)
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