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'cause it’s only life after all...

Well now... never underestimate the curative powers of alcohol folks. Well, alcohol & raving like a lunatic at your best friends until you've repeated yourself SO many times that what you've been saying finally starts to sink into your own head. Ahhh... that is the true grace of drunken wisdom, it tends to fall on you all at once and suddenly? You just don't care anymore. You remember that you're actually fine, that your friends love you, and that life is far to short to waste it worrying about what petty people think of you anyways. God bless gin. I couldn't have seen the light without it.

So, this promises to be a chaotic weekend... all about the things I love: music, friends, alcohol, dancing, driving, and a little more music just for good measure. Tonight, I take my not-really-my-sister, Ali to the Indigo Girls at RCMH. Go ahead & mock me if you must, but the girls are the mac & cheese of music to me. NOTHING feels better than driving down a long road with the windows down belting along to Amy & Emily... or curling up on my bed & having them sing me off to sleep... or hearing them say "thanks y'all". They feel like home, so they'll always hold a special place in my heart. Afterwards... I'm off to Siberia for Lindsay Linsayism's birthday to meet up with Ashley and to see Audrey get her DJ swerve on. (if you see me entering Siberia without a cup of coffee, please stop me & tell me I'm forgetting something)

Saturday, I will be road-tripping on up to Boston for my much awaited social debut with Ash & the lovely Jelena. We will be checking out The GoStation and Dear Leader at The Plan, because it's all about the music baby! (note to Dear Leader -- get a new website. please. it will only help you) With any luck, I won't be the only NYC gal in Bean Town on Saturday, as Miss Jenny Penny who heads to Boston tonight, will hopefully have managed to stick around... But regardless, I am sure I will have many a new adventure to report (& with any luck, a new alphanumeric or two?)

Sunday I plan to be hung over & attempt to get back to NYC in time for Audrey & Jasper's Piano's party, The Day After. Which will hopefully bring a brilliant end to a brilliant weekend.

whew. I'm exhausted just writing about it. lol. And then, since the chances of my posting Sunday are slim... I'll be back at the Merc on Monday night to check out Seachange (well not likely as they're on first & we know what trouble I've been having getting anywhere at all on time), Hurry-Up Offense, and my darling Mike Henry's own Oxford Collapse. I am SO stoked to see Mike again, I don't think I've seen him since Christmas, so it'll be nice to catch up with him & Beth & whoever else stumbles out of the outer boroughs to see them. Wow. I just had the oddest thought... I wonder what would happen if Casey Diaz & Doug GoStation tried to have a conversation? I'm thinking the world might implode. Either that or by the end of the evening they'd have a pilot to shop around for next season.

Ok then, I'm out of here.

Thanks to everyone for their calls / ims / emails of concern today... I suppose most of you haven't seen me go off like that before & I hope I didn't permanently alter your concepts of me! lol.